[Qoo News] Chain Chronicle 3 x Persona 5 reveals crossover characters


Sega’s mobile RPG Chain Chronicle 3(チェインクロニクル3)and Atlus’ PS3/PS4 title Persona 5(ペルソナ5)previously announced a crossover project without revealing much. Today (6th January, 2017), the official crossover website finally discloses two Twitter events and some crossover-exclusive characters.

The first Twitter event is a retweet reward. The crossover’s official twitter (@PirikaChro) will have a specific tweet for participants to retweet. Chain Chronicle players can receive a SR character Morgana(怪盗団の先導役 モナ)if the number of retweet exceeds 5,000.

Retweet Reward:
3,000RT – Prysma(精霊石)x1
4,000RT – Growth Arcana V(成長アルカナV)x5
5,000RT – SR Morgana(怪盗団の先導役 モナ)x 1

▲SR Morgana

To participate in the second event, players have to post a tweet with the hashtag #P5xチェンクロ. Three players will then be chosen randomly and given a poster signed by Persona 5 character designer Shigenori Soejima(副島成記)and Chain Chronicle producer Jun Matsunaga(松永純).

The crossover characters have been revealed on the official website.


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