[Qoo News] Houkago Girls Tribe celebrates 1 million downloads with gem rewards and a new weapon



Houkago Girls Tribe(放課後ガールズトライブ)is now rewarding players in commemoration of one million downloads. Players can log in everyday to receive gems and strengthening stones. A new sword God Kaizer(覇王剣ゴッドカイザー)is also available in the latest open Premium Gatcha pool now.

Premium Gatcha Period: 12th January, 2017 – 31st January, 2017
Reward Period: 13rd January, 2017 – 22nd January, 2017
Reward: Log in to receive 10 gems and 5,000 strengthening stones everyday

★5 gears including Carnage Dress(カーネイジドレス), Kerberos(ケルベロス), Eternal Brave(エターナルブレイブ), Muramasa(妖刀村正), Houtengageki(方天画戟), etc. are available in the Premium Gatcha pool. For every 10 gatcha roll, a ★4 (or above) gear is guaranteed.

∇ God Kaizer

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