[Qoo News] Ubisoft Launches Horse Adventure: Tale of Etria for Mobile



Ubisoft is known to have quite a diverse range of games in their portfolio, from the recently-turned-movie Assassins Creed series to the city-building Anno 2205. In their latest endeavors, Ubisoft launches a Horse Adventures title for the mobile platform.

As weird as this may be, this is not the first equestrian-related title for the company. In 2005, Ubisoft’s subsidiary company, Owlient, launched a web-browser horse breeding sim, Howrse, which was translated into 24 different languages!


The new game, also by Owlient, is available on iOS and Android. Similar to Howrse, players will have to take care and train their horse, but in Horse Adventures: Tales of Etria, the player takes on the role as a rider exploring the vast world taking on missions. The open-world setting of the game makes it an atmospheric adventure for players, combined with challenges you can compete your friends against, the game could be worth a shot?