Ensemble Stars!! Music EN Now Live on Android and iOS


Ensemble Stars!! Music is proud to announce that its English version is now officially available on Android and iOS. Starting June 16, players from Canada, the US, the UK, Australia, and 10 more countries can now download the game for free from QooApp to get an exclusive welfare gift Pack! Check the event details HERE.

<<Official Press Release>>

As one of the most popular music idol training mobile games with more than 10 million players in Asia, Ensemble Stars!! Music has been honored with a series of highly acclaimed awards, including “User’s Choice Game of 2021”, the “Best Pick Up & Play “on Google Play, and the “Best Music Game” from Sensor Tower APAC Awards 2021 worldwide.

Since the announcement of the availability of its English version, the game has already attracted over 200,000 players to pre-register on its official site, which proved the enormous popularity of the game across regions!

Ensemble Stars!! Music EN Now Live on Android and iOS

Ensemble Stars!! Music EN Launch Trailer

Ensemble Stars!! Music EN Pre-registration Rewards

To celebrate the official launch of the English release, Ensemble Stars!! Music presents myriad bonuses and interesting in-app activities as follows to add more joy to fans:
Pre-Registration Rewards:

  • Successful pre-registration on the official website: Exclusive Title, 200 Diamonds, 2 DIA Scout Tickets, 1 Gem (L), and 1 Gem (M) each in three colors.  
  • Milestone-based rewards for pre-registration: 3850 Diamonds, 10 Scouts, Original card!  
  • pre-register on Google Play/pre-order on App Store to get extra 200 diamonds.  

Diverse Login Bonuses:

  • Login bonus for every player: Original Limited cards of ALKALOID!  
  • 7-day login bonus: Diamonds, EXP Tickets, and other rewards.  
  • 14-day login bonus. Diamonds, Gems, and other surprises.  

Celebratory In-game Activities and Updates:

  • Guaranteed Gacha: A ★5 guaranteed card pool is now available!  
  • Lives & New Songs: A new song will be added to the song list every date with a higher Drop Rate of items during the release celebration period!   
  • Story: Main Story Chapter 1, 2, and 3 are available for a more fancy journey with idols.  
  • Shop: Beginner Package, Monthly Cards, Diamond Up for the first time top-up in the game  
  • Special Event: “Sparkling ☆Start Dash Mission” to help Subaru become more sparkling! ★5 fully-uncapped [More Sparkling!] Subaru Akehoshi, Sparkling☆ 10-Scout Ticket, and other rewards are waiting for you when all missions on the map are completed.  

To celebrate and share the joy with more fans, Ensemble Stars!! Music reveals video ads of the game on the huge screen of the famous Times Square in New York City from June 15 to 21 local time. Cosers who love the game will appear on-site to witness this essential moment. The interaction with the cosers in the real world in front of the lifelike gaming video will definitely bring fans a special cross-barrier experience between the virtual anime world and reality.


About Ensemble Stars!! Music

Ensemble Stars!! Music, an essential sequel of Ensemble Stars!, is one of the most popular music-themed idol training mobile games worldwide. Forty-nine idols from Yumenosaki Academy just start their journey in the vast world of entertainment. A brand-new immersive experience of training your exclusive superstar is there for you to embrace.   

Elaborated 3D live scenes, attractive game storylines written by famous playwrights, and a luxurious voice cast of more than 40 first-class voice actors… every single detail of the game enlivens a fully immersive gaming experience for players to enjoy.   

Ensemble Stars Music EN Now Live on Android and iOS 2
Ensemble Stars Music EN Now Live on Android and iOS 3
Ensemble Stars Music EN Now Live on Android and iOS 4
Ensemble Stars Music EN Now Live on Android and iOS 5
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