Noah’s Heart Open-World MMO Launches on July 28 Worldwide


Archosaur Games announced that its highly-anticipated open-world RPG Noah’s Heart will have a soft launch in selected European countries on July 14 for Android players, before it officially releases worldwide on July 28.

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About Noah’s Heart

Noah’s Heart is an open-world RPG that allows players to explore the virtual Planet Noah, which contains a massive open world full of wonder and adventure. On this planet, you can travel across all manner of diverse terrain and various locations, as well as come face-to-face with exotic life forms and unique cultures.

The vast map is home not only to monsters but also to non-hostile wildlife. Riding with a herd of wild horses in the meadows on horseback offers a liberating experience. Different environments have different wildlife inhabitants.

Noah's Heart Open-World MMO Launches on July 28 Worldwide

Noah’s Heart Game Features

Fully Customizable Character

Create and show off your unique style. Express your personality with a powerful customization system. Everything from body shape, skin tone, hair, eyes, lips, clothing, and many more, you are the one in charge! Choose from a diverse range of classical, modern, and exotic clothing styles to make yourself stand out on the planet of Noah. 

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■ Intense 3D real-time Combat

Engage in 3D real-time battles as you enjoy full control over your character’s movements, attacks, and skills. Confront powerful enemies from different factions and terrifying monsters that lurk inside the dungeons. Choose your skill and weapon combinations carefully, and build strong teams together with your friends. The explorers of planet Noah are never alone. 

Say goodbye to conventional weapons and class limitations. You are free to choose whichever weapon you feel is most suitable for the job. Utilize different weapon strengths and collaborate with teammates to defeat fearsome monsters with ease. 

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Explore the World In Various Ways!

You can also take various vehicles such as motorcycles and gliders for a leisurely journey through the various landscapes. Noah’s Heart is all about enjoying the scenery along the way and making memories with your friends. So why not stop along the way to your destination for a more leisurely journey?

Aside from expedition and combat, food, clothing, and weapons are also necessary for survival on planet Noah. However, many of these items can only be produced by those with relevant expertise. Select a career and help the village thrive. On planet Noah, every career option and every individual is just as important as the next.

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Noah’s Heart Requirements

  • Android: Snapdragon 845/Samsung Exynos 9810 SoC or any device that matches those characteristics, Android 9.0 or above, 4 GB of RAM or higher, and over 10 GB of free storage space.
  • iOS: Any device that can run iOS 10 or later, and that has over 2 GB of RAM. Over 10 GB of storage space must be free.
  • PC: Intel Core i5 or counterparts, Windows 10 or above, NVIDIA GeForce GT 1050 or any graphics card capable of running DirectX11. 18 GB of hard disk space is required.

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