[QooApp Weekly] 2017 June Week #1 Grand Fantasy RPGs, Not-so-Romantic Vampire Stories and More!



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遥かなる異郷 グランヴィリア


Japanese Gamer Reactions:
"Graphics are quite subtle, they look quite good at first, but overtime it just gets bland."
"Just another Seven Knights imitation…"
"No ones talking this game, whats happening?!"

Character designs and graphics are quite good, but the gameplay couldn’t escape the shards system. Although developers included additional elements, including max. star limits for different characters, players will still have to collect the same hero over and over again in order to raise them…

The SSR drop rate is also a mere 1%, so low you can’t even make a joke out of it…

Sengoku Night Blood



Female Gamer Reactions:
"Visuals are great, need to look closer at the plot to decide whether or not I’ll keep playing"
"Nothing happens after they suck my blood? What do they think I am?!"
"Characters are too handsome! Doesn’t matter what happens, I’m still going to keep playing!"

Characters are beautifully designed and feature a grand collection of voice actors. However, the core of the game is just a typical TCG. The auto-battle and relationship building gameplay isn’t exactly what you can call innovating, but is rarely seen in female-orientated games.

However, the developer’s daring approach came with one fatal flaw, the game seriously lacks drama. The entire basis of male/female relationship is based around blood sucking and is deprived of any sort of ending. Could this be some sort of tease created deliberately?

Soul Slash SAGA 2



Japanese Gamer Reactions:
"Feels like a cheap version of Rockman."
"The same enemies show up over and over and over again. Its boring really soon."
"Doesn’t feel like anythign changed even though it’s the second game."

Sequel to the original Soul Slash SAGA. The game boasts a new skill-based action gameplay and intricate pixel art style.

The game itself really isn’t bad, but as a sequel, it feels slightly disappointing. From the controls to the graphics, the game fails to deliver a sense of ingenuity. Some of the enemies are so overused the game starts to feel meaningless.

Himitsu no Yadoya



Japanese Gamer Reactions:
"This game feels quite innovative!"
"Class balance is pretty well handled."
"Why did they collaborate with Kaiji??"

The concept of the combining town simulator with dungeon-conquering feels quite new. The chibi character designs easily makes you feel good playing it.

Unfortunately, the game is overly simple. Asides from the fully-auto combat and looking at countdowns, there really isn’t much to the game.

It’s a shame the developers couldn’t fully bring out the charms of both genres.

Break Up Evade



Japanese Gamer Reactions:
"The game feels really complete, played for an hour straight!"
"The female character is so adorable, the story is great! laughing so hard my stomache hurts!"
"Such quality! Hard to believe its a free game."

The fourth title in a series based on cheating, the new game is based on picking the correct options to avoid breaking up.

The game is considerably one of the best in the series. The story and character psychology are highly realistic, which will surely bring out a few laughs.

Unlike the previously titles, Break Up Evade feels more like a casual mini game than a full-fledged standalone mobile title.

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