Post-Apocalyptic ADV Game natsuno-kanata Officially Releases on Steam on August 18


The post-apocalyptic adventure novel natsuno-kanata – beyond the summer, developed single-handed by Kazuhide Oka, will officially leave early access on Steam as a fully-fledged release on August 18. The game is available for free with an early access demo, but the full release will also continue to be free of charge.

Post-Apocalyptic ADV Game natsuno-kanata Officially Releases on Steam on August 18

The game follows a group of girls on a journey through a post-apocalyptic world, and since its early access release on Steam on August 5, 2021, it has received approximately 90,000 downloads and a Very Positive rating on Steam charts. The full version of the game will include the second half of the main story and multiple character episodes. Unfortunately, the game is currently available for Japanese only.

The saved data from the early access version can be carried over, and the game itself can be played for free even after the full version is released, and there are no plans for DLC or other paid content to be distributed later. Updates to the game will also work on “adding several episodes” and “implementing a new system” as well as fixing and adjusting ongoing problems.

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natsuno-kanata Worldview

The world has ended before half a year. An unprecedented pandemic has destroyed society in just a few moments. The disease makes anyone infected with it lose reason and become a monster who attacks others without discretion.

Neither the causative virus nor the bacteria were truly revealed. Still, what is in front of her is just reality, and even as she walks alone, she has no choice but to just press on with her journey.

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