SCP Secret Files Announces Global Release Date of September 13 For PC


Developers GameZoo Studio unveiled the release date for its new horror game, SCP Secret Files. The game is arriving on PC on September 13, with an anticipated release date of 2023 for consoles.

SCP Secret Files

SCP Secret Files takes on the role of an SCP agent, exploring an anthology of five different SCP cases. If you’re unfamiliar with the SCP Foundation, it is a collection of short stories and logs of mysterious anomalies, including objects, places, and creatures. The SCP Foundation is managed by the community, with a long history of exciting anomalies all categorized by number.

SCP Secret files Screenshots 00 1
SCP Secret files Screenshots 00 2

SCP Secret Files features adaptations of these famous stories, including the witch child, SCP-239, and many more that dedicated fans will spot in the trailer. As an anthology, the game will feature several gameplay styles and elements to reflect the SCP different SCPs you’ll encounter. Explore, survive, and behold the wonders, and horrors the foundation has kept, or tried to keep in containment.

The game launches on September 13 on PC, and in 2023 for Consoles.

SCP Secret Files Trailer

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