Legend Clover x NoriPro Collab Event Begins Today!


DMM Games is having a collaboration event with its mobile strategy RPG, Legend Clover, and the VTuber agency, NoriPro! The collaboration adds NoriPro’s Inuyama Tamaki, and Shirayuki Mishiro to Legend Clover as SSR characters, with Tamaki being available in his own gacha,

Participate in the event to get various event rewards and items, and even pick up Shirayuki herself as a free SSR support unit!

The collab event begins today and ends on September 13, 11:59 [JST]

Legend Clover x NoriPro

Legend Clover x NoriPro New Characters!

You can pick up Shirayuki Mishiro and Inuyama Tamaki in the game today! These two characters come as a SSR support unit, and SSR Main damage dealer, both with unique flairs to their outfit, with Shirayuki having a witch’s broom, and Tamaki holding potions and items like a dangerous alchemist!

You can pick up Shirayuki Mishiro from playing the new event featuring NoriPro, picking up items and exchanging them for her as a reward, and Tamaki is available in his own limited-time pick-up gacha!

legend clover x noriPro 00 8
legend clover x noriPro 00 7
legend clover x noriPro 00 6

Character Quests and Campaigns to Celebrate!

To celebrate the collaboration, the game is holding bonuses for character quests and master quests. You will receive bonus rewards for completing character and master quests, with master quests giving a +1 to all rewards daily, and character quests giving +1 rewards up to nine times a day!

legend clover x noriPro 00 2
legend clover x noriPro 00 3

Login Bonuses!

Log in to the game now to start receiving login bonuses! YOu can pick up free magic gems, and other various items between now and September 12, 23:59 [JST]. Grab these free gems and spend them on your rolls for Tamaki!

legend clover x noriPro 00 4

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