Smile of the Arsnotoria x KonoSuba Collab Announced for September 1


Good Smile Company and Nitroplus officially announced that their Smile of the Arsnotoria mobile RPG will be collaborating with the popular anime series KonoSuba from September 1.

In this collaboration event, Aqua, Megumin, and Darkness will make an appearance in the event. There will also be challenge quests and login bonuses to celebrate.

Smile of the Arsnotoria x KonoSuba Collab Characters

Aqua – CV: Amamiya Sora

warau ars mobile subaseka img1

Megumin – CV: Rie Takahashi

warau ars mobile subaseka img2

Darkness – CV: Ai Kayano

warau ars mobile subaseka img4

Smile of the Arsnotoria x KonoSuba Step-Up Gacha

A Step-Up collab summon will become available! By using paid stones, you can do the gacha with up to four steps. As you go through the steps, the chance of getting a featured character increases, with x2 the chance at Step 4! You’ll also get character shards for each pull as a bonus.

warau ars mobile subaseka img8

Smile of the Arsnotoria x KonoSuba Collab Sigils

Three collaboration Sigils will be added to the game. Details of the collaboration Sigils will be released after the maintenance on 9/1.

warau ars mobile subaseka img9

Smile of the Arsnotoria x KonoSuba Collab Login Bonus

Two login bonuses will be awarded to all players from September 1 to September 29. All rewards are as below;

■ Login Bonus ①

Day 1Philosopher’s Stone ×5
Day 2Stamp「Noooooo!!」×1
Day 3Medium Potion ×5
Day 4Stamp「Believe in my strength!」×1
Day 5Philosopher’s Stone ×5
Day 6Stamp「I’m off!」x1
Day 7Mi Key ×10
Day 8Collab Ticket ×2
Day 9The Cake We’ll Eat Before Saving the World ×1
Day 10 Philosopher’s Stone ×10

■ Login Bonus ②

Day 1Philosopher’s Stone ×5
Day 2Large Growth Apple ×3
Day 3Alchemy Stone ×500
Day 4Collab Ticket ×1
Day 5Philosopher’s Stone ×5
Day 6Bond of Life x10
Day 7Oh Key ×10
Day 8Collab Ticket ×1
Day 9Honorary Stone ×1
Day 10 Philosopher’s Stone ×20

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