Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection Reveals Online Features and More


Capcom, in its special Livestream program at Tokyo Game Show 2022, revealed that the Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection is adding online features among its many quality of life in the remastered compilation of 10 GBA titles!

Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection Newly Announced Features

The segment dedicated to the Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection highlighted features that were presented in previous trailers such as the new screen filter functions that give the games a more smoothed-out look to them by applying an anti-aliasing feature.

Along with this, they showed off the other functions present in the other legacy collection titles for the many other Mega Man series’ such as the music players and the art galleries that would feature concept arts and never before seen pre-production designs for the casts of characters and Netnavis!

Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection Reveals Online Features and More

As an additional flare to the presentation of the game, Megaman.EXE himself can be seen on the title selection menu just like he would for Lan in the games as a nod to the iconic PET device’s screen seen in each Battle Network title. Megaman will even react accordingly to how you play the games and use the different functions, so be sure to check out what he has to say and react while playing!

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The event would round out with a special announcement from series Director Masakazu Eguchi dressing up as his in-game counterpart, Mr. Famous to deliver some final messages about what players can expect when the Megaman Battle Network Legacy Collection releases in 2023 and that they are indeed currently working to implement online battles and chip trading to the game for every series in the collection.

Unfortunately for some that were anticipating the chance of it happening, cross-platform multiplayer will not be accounted for as the official website quickly pointed the possibility out.

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Lastly, the Capcom’s program divulged some information on the release method of the legacy collection. Outside of buying the entire collection, Capcom also provides players with an alternative way to purchase these titles.

As was the way for the prior Megaman Collection titles, this remaster bundle will also be available as two separate games with Legacy Collection Vol.1 featuring the first three titles with Legacy Collection Vol.2 containing the games the 4th through 6th titles of the series. Each version of each sequel all accounted for as well.

Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection is due out in 2023.

Megaman Battle Network Legacy Collection
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