MementoMori Will Release Globally on October 18


Bank of Innovation announced that the upcoming witch-themed RPG MementoMori will release worldwide on October 18 for iOS and Android. The game was originally set for a September release but has been postponed. An apology note has been posted on the official Twitter for the announcement.

MementoMori is a new mobile that centers on girls with extraordinary power, known as Witches. When calamity spreads throughout the land, witches begin to be feared and detested. The brutal Witch Hunt has made most of these girls vanquished. However, when the world was in danger due to the effects of the “Curse,” these girls set forth to liberate the land from darkness.

Memento Mori game 03
Memento Mori game 04
Memento Mori

Each of the witches has their own story, and the “laments” sung by each character represent their unique views of the world, with the participation of many beloved artists such as Ayaka Hirahara, 96neko, Koresawa, ChouCho, MARiA, and many more.

Memento Mori game 06
Memento Mori game 07

MementoMori – Game Preview

Charlotte Character Song – “Clockwise”

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