Sonic Frontiers Showcases Live Gameplay at TGS 2022


At its special live stream of Tokyo Game Show 2022, Sega showcased live gameplay for its upcoming open-world action game Sonic Frontiers.

The demo play (from 16:59) showcases the vast Open-Zone that players would be able to explore in Sonic Frontiers with tons of side quests and puzzles available as you started your journey on the Starfall Islands. The producer encourages players to solve the puzzles on the land as it can reveal hidden paths and unlock more areas on your map to assist the adventure.

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The game also added several RPG elements, where you can collect items to power up Sonic’s different abilities. Sonic’s supersonic speed not only makes your journey faster but can also be used to zone out enemies in a circle and make special attacks.

This skill is particularly useful in large enemies, while you can crush their balances and obtain a special item, Portal Gear. Portal Gear allows you to hack into these large robots and create portals to climb over their bodies. That’s how you find their weakness and win the fights.

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One of the key features of Sonic Frontiers is undoubtedly the Cyber Space, where players can challenge the series’ signature 3D platforming at Sonic speeds. These challenges can be accessed through Portals on the Islands. With traditional, fast-paced, speed-running action, players will complete challenges, like Time Attack, collecting all the red rings, just like those you’ve experienced in the previous titles in the Sonic the Hedgehog series.

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Sonic Frontiers TGS 2022 Trailer

About Sonic Frontiers

As the first open-world 3D game of the series, Sonic Frontiers takes players to a vast archipelago with Sonic’s supersonic speed. The story takes the stage in the Starfall Islands, an unknown area where an ancient civilization sleeps. Sonic’s new adventure begins in a land full of mysterious ruins and eerie enemies.

Sonic Frontiers features the next generation of stage-clearing action by combining all of the levels into a seamless Open-Zone world. There are Challenges scattered all over the place, so players can enjoy high-velocity gameplay without being bound to the confines of a “course”.

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For combat, Sonic can now chain together various combos and perform dodges, parries, and counters to more effectively dismantle his enemies. You can unlock more moves in the game, and if you prefer a more relaxed combat experience, the game offers an Auto Mode which causes attack combos to be executed automatically with a single button.

Sonic Frontiers is slated to release on November 8 for PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam.

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Sega TGS 2022 Live Stream Archive

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