Haikyu!! Touch The Dream – Beginner Tips and Reroll Guide


Volleyball enthusiasts can rejoice, as the hit manga/anime series by Haruichi Furudate has its own mobile game adaptation recently! Haikyu!! Touch the Dream has players setting up their very own dream team while tactically managing the playing field on the fly, to set, toss, and spike the ball.

Developed by DAYAmonz, Haikyu!! Touch the Dream follows the story of the anime from the very beginning as Shōyō Hinata and Tobio Kageyama fatefully find each other on the other side of the court in their final match of junior high. Players will be able to follow the events of the anime, with fully-voice acted scenes and dialogues.

This Haikyu!! Touch The Dream beginner guide is here to show the ropes for new players on how to get started in the early game, covering some of the basics alongside some standout units to pick up when rerolling.

Is Reroll Necessary in Haikyu!! Touch The Dream?

Rerolling in Haikyu!! Touch the Dream is not technically necessary but can make your life easier, especially in the long run. The rerolling process is impressively quick, with the first tutorial spanning around 10 minutes with subsequent reroll attempts clocking in at around 2~3 minutes, thanks to the ability to skip the tutorial after the first time.

While the game offers several banners to pull from, it is highly recommended you spend your Wing Crystal currencies at the Character Gacha Banners first.

QooApp Article HaikyuTtD Guide gacharesults 1
1.Open Haikyu!! Touch the Dream and select “Guest” and optionally tap through the introduction chapter while waiting for the initial installs to finish up.
2.Enter your username/nickname and select your preferred settings.
3.Complete the tutorial by tapping the prompts. (The Tutorial Gacha will only give you Normal)
4.Upon returning to the home screen, collect any applicable login bonuses.
5.Collect pre-register bonus 3000x Crystal Wings and redeem the Free Gacha Ticket for 10 rolls.
6.Go to the Gacha page and spend the Crystal Wings on the Character Gacha and roll on the banner of your choice (33 rolls + 2 free rolls on each banner)
7.If you’re not satisfied with your results, tap the top right button on the home screen, and reset your progress via the “アカウント削除” or “データ初期化” tabs. (See more below)
8.Upon starting the game again, a new window will prompt you if you would like to skip the tutorial up to the point where you pull the Tutorial Gacha. Tap the “スキップする” button.
9.Rinse and repeat steps 4 to 8 until you get your favorites. Good luck!

Important to note is that when rerolling in Haikyu!! Touch the Dream, is that the game rather puzzlingly has two settings for resetting your progress.

  1. Account Termination (アカウント削除) wipes your current progress and username. Resetting your account this way allows you to keep using the same username to reroll, but requires you to manually type out the words “削除” to reset every time.
QooApp Article HaikyuTtD Guide accountresetprocess
  1. The Data Reset (データ初期化) option has no such hassle but has the frustrating caveat of locking you out of using the same name on the same device. If you choose to reroll this way, it’s important to remember to use throwaway names while resetting, then go into the profile tab of the game to change your name after getting the characters of your choice.
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Perplexingly, the pre-registration tickets that were given out in celebration of the game hitting its pre-registration milestones are only accessible 48 hours after making an account. This effectively means if you’re rerolling, you’re missing out on 20 pulls worth of gacha tickets.

QooApp Article HaikyuTtD Guide gachalockout
Gacha Tickets worth 20 pulls can only be redeemed 48 hours after your first login

Which Characters Should I Aim For?

The highest rarity Iconic characters have the benefit of not being influenced by the condition stat that influences skill activation rates, on top of having higher stats across the board.

Just like real sports, Haikyu!! Touch The Dream has characters categorized into four roles: Setter (S), Libero (Li), Middle Blocker (MB), and Wing Spiker (WS). Characters retain their respective roles, so players will have to work with the characters they have for some game modes that require certain team comps.


While the ultimate answer would be to pull for who you like, aiming for a powerful Setter (marked by the S on the top right of their icon) in particular, makes the earlier matches in the story mode easier to tackle. Haikyu!! Touch the Dream also has a PvP game mode, so getting yourself a Setter character that can prep your other units for powerful spikes or straight-up aims for service aces is highly recommended.

QooApp Article HaikyuTtD Guide gachabanners 1
Setter cards such as Kageyama and Oikawa in particular have remarkable stats that are sure to carry your teams.

How to Build Your Dream Team?

Tip#1 – Understand the Different Card Types

Things are going to get a little complicated off the bat, but Haikyu!! Touch the Dream has several different card types (class) that are only differentiated by their color and icon at a glance. These cards, even if they sport the same character on them, are strictly different entirely and cannot co-exist in the same team. Here’s a quick introduction to them.

From left, Normal, Condition, Technique, Season, Effort, Iconic

■ Normal
The most common rarity, these are character cards are the baseline for all the other rarities below.

■ Condition
The second rarest card type in the character gacha, Condition cards, aptly have their stats noticeably boosted when they are in their best condition. These cards along with the Normal rarity are easy to come by, so are great substitutes for early team comps.

Technique cards can only be collected through the paid gacha, excluding the free copy players can get via the Start Mission. They uniquely can slot in an extra skill card compared to their other counterparts, but still suffer from variable conditions.

■ Season
Season cards are unique in that they can only be acquired through the limited-time Haikyu TV event that commences every few weeks, where players can cheer on a team competing in a real game match. Season cards get a stat boost whenever their team goes on a winning streak in the Haikyu TV game mode. These stat reset when their respective team loses in the mode, making Season cards slightly less reliable.

A Card type acquired through limited-time events and trading via the store, Effort cards have noticeably higher stats than the aforementioned four card variants and also have the benefit of not being randomly influenced by the condition stat negatively.

■ Iconic
Iconic card characters have the highest stats over the other card variants and only be acquired through the gacha banner as the SSR/UR equivalent. Iconic cards have the bonus effect of having their condition boosted to the max whenever they are wearing their corresponding uniforms.


Tip#2 Learn the Basics of the Volleyball Match

On a surface level, Haikyu!! Touch the Dream somewhat assumes that players already have a passing knowledge of the basics of volleyball with its use of lingo in skills and unit classes. That being said, the gameplay is kept modestly simple with players simply selecting skills in a real-time format as they happen, with no real movement actions required by the player.

This can be seen mostly in how players will choose what kind of maneuver each player on the court performs at a given moment. By selecting a move that beats out the other player’s action, you earn a point over them. What dictates if a move will beat out the other can be estimated mostly by if the card beats the other in terms of rock paper scissors, and having a higher overall status.

QooApp Article HaikyuTtD Guide skills 2

Tip#3 Check your Player’s Condition!

The condition stat, as mentioned in the card type segment, also plays a role in determining the success rate of moves for characters. The condition of each character is randomly chosen each day when the game resets, rendering some characters that are not Effort or Iconic cards from performing sub-optimally. Because of this, it’s good practice to check up on your athlete’s condition before every match in Haikyu!! Touch The Dream.

Players with low conditions run the risk of making careless errors during matches. This can vary from dropping the ball when receiving to accidentally striking a teammate while serving.

QooApp Article HaikyuTtD Guide condition

Tip#4 Invest in Multiple Characters Early

By the time you hit up the basics after the tutorial, Haikyu!! Touch The Dream will open up features such as PvP, Daily Matches, and Tournament Modes. These game modes, along with the normal story mode missions will more than likely wear your team’s stamina down and lower their condition over time.

QooApp Article HaikyuTtD Guide automatch

The condition system makes it all the more important, that you gear up multiple athletes even if they occupy the same positions on the court. Players should take advantage of the fact that your team of 12 (+1 coach) can be comprised of anyone from the Haikyu!! anime. While it might be appealing to put together the entire Karasuno Team, it’s important to have multiple characters ready to fill the roles should they fail you.

QooApp Article HaikyuTtD Guide dailymatch
Game types such as Tournament mode can be made easier if you have multiple characters to substitute their roles.

Tip#5 Check in every day for Daily Missions!

Like any other title in the genre, Haikyu!! Touch the Dream, of course, has a set of missions that can be fulfilled each day that doles out much-needed upgrade materials. Tucked away under the Mission (ミッション) tab on the home screen, daily and weekly missions also net you extra rewards when completing a certain number of them, so don’t miss out!


Log in to the game at any time and during 18:00 and 24:00 [JPT] can tackle two daily missions without a sweat. Pulling gacha once (coin gacha included) can also complete one.

Other Missions are rather straightforward and ask you to play each game mode at least once per day. In particular, missions tied to Tournament Mode, Daily Match, Daily Event, and PvP Match can be beaten relatively easily, even on auto-mode. And that’s how you complete the seven daily mission and takes home 30 Wing Crystals every day.

QooApp Article HaikyuTtD Guide dailymissions 3
The four tabs on the top can be played once each to clear half the Daily Missions.

Additionally, the game also features a season pass that can be claimed when reaching identical milestones to daily missions. Found on the top left of the home screen next to your account level, the Haikyu!! Pass (ハイキュー!! パス) features various Gacha Tickets alongside Wing Crystals that can be redeemed even when playing with a free-to-play account.

QooApp Article HaikyuTtD Guide dailymissions 2
The Haikyu!! Pass features a Challenge Pass that’s free and a Dream Pass that can be redeemed via microtransactions.

Last but not least is the easily missed Time Bonus found in the Login Bonus (ログインボーナス) tab. While playing, the game will keep tabs on how long you have been playing and will reward you accordingly for up to two hours spent every day. An easy way to clear this is to use the auto-battle mode, as you can simply leave the game to grind away at a certain story mission for a material you need.

QooApp Article HaikyuTtD Guide logintimebonus
Simply spending 2 hours in Haikyu!! Touch the Dream will net you 105 Wing Crystals!

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