Tactics Ogre Reborn Showcases QoL Features, Class Systems, and More at TGS 2022


At a special TGS live stream on September 18, Tactics Orgre Reborn producers Hiroaki Kato and composer Hitoshi Sakimoto alongside voice actors Hiroaki Maeno and Yuichi Nakamura (voices of Denim and Canopus) have revealed a bunch of new information and features on this revival of the SRPG classic.

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New Character Management Features

New to Tactics Ogre Reborn, is the change to the overall menu screen. Now each unit can bring 7 different equipments and can now slot in 4 items, skills, and magic in their belt. Auto refills for items have also been shown off along with the complete removal of level requirements for any gear. further removing the tedium of managing items.

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Class Systems Re-adjusted

Class systems of Tactics Ogre Reborn see a complete overhaul, with the class promotion feature making a return with a few tweaks. The PSP version saw all classes being tied to a level separate from the character’s own level. These classes would then be selected by the player to slot in on others to use at the same level.

For example, if the ‘Knight’ class is at level 10 in-game, any party member who changes their class will instantly become a level 10 knight. This was fine to a degree but brought on problems where classes unlocked in the late game with newer characters required grinding as the universal level of that new class was at level 1.

Reborn on the other hand returns to a system more akin to the original SNES version of things where each character would have separate class levels that can then be promoted to advanced classes.

level management

Re-imagined combat and Quality of Life Changes in Tactics Ogre Reborn

Combat encounters will have players tackling stages with the new bonus tasks in mind. These new mini-challenges will give out extra loot when cleared successfully. Buff cards are added to each stage encounter as well being little trinkets that upon being collected by a unit, grant them a stat boost for one battle instance. Watch what your enemies are doing too, as ANY unit can pick these cards up!

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As a new Quality of Life feature, players can now pick up the pace with the new option to speed up the game has been added, making grinding out encounter battles less of a slog on repeated playthroughs. Reconnaissance has been added to the mix as well, allowing players to scan the enemy ala Final Fantasy to know what kind of enemy they’re up against making combat that more simple to tackle.

baisoku 1

Rejoice as item crafting has now been re-adjusted to have a 100% success rate. No more botched weapon smithing!

item crafting 100percent

Special Edition Containing the Entire Script of the Game

The collector’s edition of the game is available on Square Enix’s e-STORE a tarot card set, a map of the continent of Valeria, a mini OST CD, and a special artbook. Among the many goods included in the collector’s edition surprisingly, is the inclusion of a script book containing the entire story of the game! Retread the words and world of Tactics Ogre with this exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the game.

Tactics Ogre

Tactics Ogre Reborn is set to launch on November 11 for the PS4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch. The Steam version will be arriving a day later on November 12 for PC platforms.

Tactics Ogre: Reborn TGS2022 Livestream

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