Engage Kill Mobile RPG Unveils Opening Animation and Key Visual


Square Enix released the opening animation for Engage Kill, the mobile RPG taking place in the same worldview as the Engage Kiss anime which just finished airing on September 25. A new key visual was also released featuring characters from Engage Kiss, and Engage Kill.

The opening animation was produced by A-1 Pictures who also produced the Engage Kiss anime series, with the theme song “My Last Engagement” sung by Saya Aizawa and Arisa Kori, voice actors for the main characters Kisara and Chloe respectively.

The PV features characters from the Engage Kiss anime, and as such, the website also unveiled that characters from the anime including Ayano Yuugiri, Sharon Holy Grail, and Mikhail Hachisuka will also be making their way into the game.

You can pre-register for Engage Kill on the game’s official website.

Engage Kill

Engage Kill Opening Animation

Engage Kiss Characters

Ayano Yugiri, Sharon HolyGrail, and Mikhail Hachisuka from Engage Kiss are coming to the game! Voice actors for these characters from the anime will be reprising their roles, including Lynn, Rumi Okubo, and Ryōta Ōsaka respectively.

While their roles in the game have yet to be revealed, since they are voice acted you can expect to see them in the game’s story, and possibly as playable characters when the game launches.

engage kill opening anim 00 6
engage kill opening anim 00 7
engage kill opening anim 00 8

About Engage Kill

Engage Kill is a mobile RPG taking place in the same universe as the Engage Kiss multi-media series. The original scenario for the work was written by Fumiaki Maruto, creator of White Album 2 with character design by Date A Live’s illustrator, Tsunako.

Set in Baylong City, an artificial island built outside the jurisdiction of any country, the island was created to mine a special resource called Orgonium, but mining efforts have caused an outbreak of D Disasters, resulting in horrifying demons being attracted to the city. To combat them, multiple Private Military Companies are hired to deal with the demons, with the game’s main characters Chloe and Kisara respectively being a part of one of these PMCs.

engage kill opening anim 00 1
engage kill opening anim 00 2
engage kill opening anim 00 3
engage kill opening anim 00 4

Engage Kill Pre-Registration Rewards

You can pre-register for Engage Kill now, and the game is currently holding a pre-registration campaign offering all players a series of rewards! You can pre-register now by following the game’s Twitter and Line accounts. Google Play and App Store registrations are coming soon.

100,000: Beiron Dollar x 100,000
150,000: Scout Ticket x 10
200,000: 3★ [Public and Private Partner] Kisara x 1

engage kill pre reg rewards img

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