Osawari Yusha-Sama Releases in Winter 2022; Pre-Registration Opens Now


DMM Games has opened up pre-registrations for its new browser-based casual RPG, Osawari Yusha-Sama (Touch Me Hero).

The game is a turn-based card battling RPG, where you can build a party of five beautiful heroes based on history’s greatest. and do battle with monsters in a fast-paced card-skill action game! Tap and flick cards to chain together a series of attacks at the opponent, while exploiting their elemental weaknesses! Outside of battle, you can also interact with your characters, giving you a more intimate look at the unexpected sides of these characters!

Osawari Yusha-Sama is expected to be released on browsers for PC and mobile this winter.

Osawari Yusha-Sama Trailer

Osawari Yusha-Sama Pre-Registration Rewards

The game is currently holding a pre-registration campaign, where if up to 150,000 thousand players pre-register, everyone will receive 10,800 Star Stones equal to 36 free gacha pulls on launch!

Osawari Yusha-Sama

Free Pre-Registration Gacha Daily!

If you’ve pre-registered for the title, you can also enjoy the free pre-registration gacha which can net you characters you can actually use when the game comes out! If you roll a duplicate of that character, you’ll also receive items to raise their intimacy!

On top of that, depending on how many times the pre-registration gacha has been rolled by all players, more Star Stones will be issued on launch!

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About Osawari Yusha-Sama

Osawari Yusha-Sama is a casual RPG where you play as a hero recruiting others to battle through a dungeon that connects to another world, protecting your world from vicious invaders!

Here you will fight creatures in a narrow passageway, and get intimately close to your recruited heroes by interacting with them, and touching them in ways too intimate for this post! Battle, exploit the enemy’s elemental weakness, and activate devastating skills in this fully-voiced casual RPG.

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