Genshin Impact Version 3.1 Phase 2 Begins on October 14


The second phase of Genshin Impact 3.1 is here, and that means more events, story quests, and a new character!

Phase 2 adds Nilou, along with the returning 5-star character Albedo in two new banners. A Wind Chaser and Star-Seeker Sojourn event will also be available in the game, along with the second half of Genshin Impact’s anniversary log-in bonus!

Phase 2 of Genshin Impact update 3.1 begins on October 14.

Genshin Impact Nilou Character Demo

New Character Nilou, and Albedo Returns!

Nilou and Albedo are the new featured banners in 3.1!

Pick them up in their individual wishes, alongside Beidou, Barbara, and Xiang Ling in these banners that begin on October 14, until October 31!

Nilou is a hydro sword user that excels in dealing hydro damage to enemies nearby that scales with her max health. Albedo meanwhile is a powerful geo sword user that can create geo constructs that deal damage even when he’s not on the field!

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In addition the Key of Khaj-Nisut and Primordial jade Cutter are the new featured weapons in the Epitome Invocation.

The Key of Khaj Nisut increases HP by 20% and when an elemental skill hits an opponent, it buffs the equipped character’s elemental mastery by a portion of their max health. This buff stacks and when it’s fully charged, it also buffs all of your ally’s elemental mastery. This is the perfect weapon to compliment Nilou’s playstyle, which relies on building more health!

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Anniversary Login Bonuses!

The second half of Genshin Impact’s login bonuses for its anniversary is arriving alongside Nilou!

Just like with the previous years, log in daily to receive a bunch of EXP, weapon upgrade materials, and Mora, along with 10 intertwined fates! You just need to log in for seven days between October 14, to October 31, and be at least Adventure rank 5!

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Lotos Somno Story Chapter

The Lotos Somno story quest is also coming to the game, this time featuring Nilou and will be available permanently after October 14 with the use of a story key.

What awaits you in this new tale involving Nilou, and what will we learn about her origins and her beloved theatre?

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New Event Modes

A new Wind Chaser and Star Seeker Sojourn event is coming to the game. As usual, these events will grant you upgrade materials and Primogems.

The wind chaser event has you exploring a new domain, solving puzzles under a time limit while collecting wind coins and defeating enemies. The Star-Seeker’s Sojourn event meanwhile has you helping a Banu find the Future Stars, fulfilling her dream and learning more about the mysteries of the world.

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Dance of Gratitude Web Event

If you haven’t done so already, Genshin Impact’s Dance of Gratitude web event is available now! Play a minigame to match messages with images, to win 40 Primogems, 3 Varunada Lazurite Fragments, 2 Mystic Enhancement Ores, 20,000 Mora, and a wallpaper featuring Nilou!

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