Exclusive Valiant Force Samsung Theme and the Latest "A Cat’s Tale" Event Update

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<Valiant Force’s official Press Release>

Developed by XII Braves and operated by FunPlus, the Japanese-style mobile tactical RPG Valiant Force (VF) has been releasing events nonstop for players worldwide. With the growing number of players joining VF global release pre-registration and with the 3rd Hero Design Contest already underway, VF continues to push its efforts to the next level by announcing a special collaboration with the Samsung Theme Store. Valiant Force has released custom-made themes featuring Princess Theia and Blood-Knight Leon that are available exclusively for Samsung users to download via the Samsung Theme Store. All the themes are created using original in-game artwork, allowing players to take these heroes with them everywhere they go!

The Samsung Theme Store is a mobile platform that contains a variety of downloadable, high-quality themes. Players may find themes featuring Pirates of the Caribbean, Marvel’s The Avengers, Kung Fu Panda, Angry Birds, and many more movies, games, celebrities, and artist collaborations. The Theme Store has a high standard regarding the quality of the submitted content, and has a download count upwards of 5 million downloads weekly. As Valiant Force makes continuous efforts as a game with a developing art style, this special collaboration with Samsung will let players around the world feel the colorful fantasy that is the world of Arathos!

How to download: simply log in to the Samsung Theme Store and search “Valiant Force”.

As a special reward for Valiant Force fans, players simply need to download the theme and send us a screenshot, and we will send them an exclusive Valiant Force package containing 50 diamonds and 100k gold!

Super-Cute “A Cat’s Tale” Event and Ranger Summoner Gwen Update

In the last week, Valiant Force has released a version update so large that it has practically made the game a whole new experience. Besides the addition of the cute Japanese-style level designs and a unique storyline with the ‘Tama, Wistful Werecat’ boss, the much awaited ranger summoner Gwen has been added to the game. Come and check out the newest look of Valiant Force!

Rising to the demands of players in the competitive Arena and ladder ranking system, Valiant Force has buffed the six Valiant heroes, helping them stand out as the strongest and widely used heroes in the latest update. Also, various other balancing adjustments have been made across VF’s hero pool along along with new improvements to some heroes’ 2D models. Some familiar heroes such as Freya and Lucille will be sporting an all new appearance in-game. Last but not least, a new White Dragon costume has been released for the Shadow hero Kai, making this version full of Japanese fantasy flavor!

All-New Talent System! Strengthen Your Heroes Beyond the Limits!

The new version also contains the latest addition to Valiant Force’s hero growth mechanics, the Talent Tree! Players may consume other 3-star heroes to obtain talents, and may spend talent points to learn new talents, greatly increasing certain stats and bringing many interesting changes to the current competitive meta. Below are examples from the Guardian class Talent Tree:

Stat bonuses → Break through your current max stats
Weapon Mastery → Changes your attack type
Survival → Reduces damage received
Desperation → When HP drops to a certain amount, your hero gets stronger!
Skill Overdrive → Increases max ability level
Attunement → Changes a stat type into another stat type
Fortification → Increases defense and recovers hero HP
Resistance → Increases specified resistance (different according to job class)
Enchantment → Increases attacks with added magic damage
There are also the following updates:
Added the 7th and 8th hero equipment slots
Updated hero menu design
Added combat power for heroes
New hero squads (now 6 – 7 squads)
New elven hero class

Valiant Force global pre-registration has already passed 100k players! Invite your friends to join the adventure!

Register now to receive: 100k gold, 200 gems, summoner hero Leandra, Leon’s Holy Bulwark shield, and Lawbringer sword!

Pre-registration site: http://www.pre-registration.playvaliantforce.com/

Design your very own hero for Valiant Force and compete for a prizepool of over $10,000 in the 2017 Valiant Force Hero Design Contest: http://contest.playvaliantforce.com/

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