Neko Golf is Now Available for Preload; Service Starts Worldwide on October 26!


COLOPL announced that the “realistic anime golf game” Neko Golf will be officially launching worldwide on October 26. The game is currently available for preloading on iOS and Android devices.

The game is celebrating its pre-registrations reaching 750k and all players will receive 1,000 G Jewels when the game officially launches!

Developed by the Japanese maker of White Cat Project, Neko Golf: Anime Golf combines the excitement of golf action with vibrant 3D anime environments and smooth, easy-to-use controls to create a new type of golf game that brings the feeling of playing real golf at your fingertips. Choose and fully customize one of five unique characters from the White Cat Project and compete with players from all over the world! 

Neko Golf is Now Available for Preload; Service Starts Worldwide on October 26!

Neko Golf: Anime Golf Gameplay

Neko Golf features a slide-and-flick golfing system along with a unique set of clubs that heavily modify how your swings will hit the ball, direction, power, and spin. Practicing and understanding what clubs to use in what situation will be key to victory!

Each character will also have unique clubs that can change the tide of a golf match with unique effects and striking ranges. You can also customize your golfers with unique accessories from gacha’ing or from participating in events and playing to match your favorite style!

The game also provides gaming modes for both the competitive and solo golfer! Enter the “Golf Tour” to compete against players from all over the world! Choose from “Battle Mode” to compete for the best score or “Enjoy Mode” where you can enjoy golf without worrying about winning or losing. Enter a tournament or just hit the driving range solo to improve your skills!

Neko Golf: Anime Golf Teaser

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