KLab’s Aoppella Reveals New AGF2022 Visual and Event Details


KLab announced that Aoppella, the youth A cappella music project is going to have a special booth at the Animate Girls Festival 2022, which will be held on November 5 and 6, 2022, with newly illustrated works exclusive to AGF2022. It has also been decided that the “AGF2022 Post Event” will be held after AGF2022.

The project’s booth will be a Halloween party! You can enjoy Halloween with all of the Aopella members dressed up as vampires and wizards! Students were preparing for the Halloween party hosted by the Soenji family. The members of FYA’M’, who were supposed to have finished their preparations and disbanded, somehow reunite in a dream…? Don’t miss the specially crafted costumes for Halloween!

Aoppella Cast Visiting AGF 2022 Booth!

The members of the Aoppella will also visit the booth during TGS 2022! You may be able to meet them in person during your visit! Who knows?!

Visiting Period:
November 5 (Sat) 10:00-17:00
November 6 (Sun) 09:40-15:00

Turikawa High School Public Relations Department
Satsui Zu (1-A)
Kengo Hanamura (2-C)
Kou Nanaki (2-D)

Private Sogasaka High School Public Relations Department
Ringo Higurumo (1-3)
Kazuhiro Kotoriyushi (1-3)
Kazuya Shiraishi (2-3)
Shigeki Tushi (3-3)

Booth Purchase Bonuses

Fans who purchase at the AGF2022 Aoppella booth will receive a clear postcard and AGF2022 Original Voice Drama Cards as a purchase bonus! The former will be awarded if your purchase comes to a value greater than JPY$3500 and the latter will be for purchases that exceed JPY$8000. With the voice drama cards, you can enjoy limited voice drama skits.

AGF 2022 Aopella

AGF 2022 Merchandise Catalog

Trading Can Badges (11 kinds)

agf 2022 halloween merchandise 1

■ Aopella Aurora Pouch (2 kinds)

agf 2022 halloween merchandise 2

Aoppella AGF 2022 After-Party

At the post-event, PR club members from Tokyo Metropolitan Ondowa High School and Kanagasaka Private Junior & Senior High School will present an undercover report on the Soenji family’s Halloween party, as well as an interview with Akira Shigaki (CV: Wataru Urata) and a top-secret interview with VadLip, are also planned!

There will be a special admission offer for the PR newspaper, a raffle, and many other exciting plans for the after-party only. See you at LOFT9 Shibuya!

agf 2022 halloween after party

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