Goddess of Victory: Nikke Tier List – Best Girls You Should Have!


Goddess of Victory: Nikke may have been a recent release, but this sci-fi FPS has generated a lot of buzz among fans of the genre in just a few days. Though the game may look like a basic waifu collector at first glance, the title also brings beautifully animated cutscenes and stellar voice acting to help its story shine.

The game takes full advantage of the portrait view mode, showcasing the app’s impressive animation rigging during combat while leaving plenty of room for the player to weave in and out of cover and shoot the enemies on screen. Players can also activate a Nikke’s Burst Skill to overwhelm the enemy with sheer firepower or support the squad with buffs!

Choosing an elite squad from many different Nikke and weapon playstyles can be daunting, but if you’re looking to get ahead then this tier list will provide some recommendations on who to aim for to progress quickly! Note that there isn’t a singular best girl to reroll for, as different enemies will give advantages to certain Nikke or weapon types; please use your own judgment – or your one true waifu – when taking on each level.

Is Reroll Necessary for Goddess of Victory: Nikke?

Do you have a specific Nikke in mind? If so, then it’s absolutely recommended to reroll as the gacha pool is quite large, even with a 4% SSR rate. Even if you don’t, it’s recommended to reroll anyway; the game’s gacha also lacks a pity rate to help unlucky players, and its currency accrues quite slowly. Lastly, many lower-rarity characters have similar skill sets, but SSR Nikke has significantly better performance or unique skills that set them apart. 

You are also forced to complete chapter 1 in order each time you reroll, which can take at least 15 minutes! Whether it’s for meta purposes or obtaining your favorite Nikke, rerolling is your best opportunity to easily obtain her. 

Goddess of Victory: Nikke Tier List - Best Girls You Should Have!

SS Tier

[SSR] Liter

Despite her petite appearance, this Nikke is useful for all players. Liter is irreplaceable as she can repair the Cover of all Nikke in the squad! That might not sound like much on its own, but Liter can also significantly buff the attack of all Nikke in the squad, demolishing any enemies that stand in the way of the team.

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[SSR] Novel

This perky detective works well against bosses, as her Burst Skill drastically increases the amount of damage an enemy takes. Pair her with Liter or another attack buffer, and you’ll shred HP with little effort.

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[SSR] Ludmilla

Ludmilla is an excellent carrier for your Nikke squads who need to be protected, as she can Taunt enemies and direct all their attacks to her, while also significantly increasing her defense and decreasing the attack and defense of any enemy she attacks! Though she might not be brought to content that requires huge amounts of firepower, Ludmilla is an excellent choice for progressing through the story.

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[SSR] Scarlet

If Ludmilla is the queen of defense, then Scarlet is the queen of offense. If her HP drops below a certain threshold, her Critical Rate and Critical Damage are significantly buffed, which works well with her stacking attack passive and her Burst Skill! Keep Scarlet’s health at a safe level, and she won’t disappoint. 

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S Tier

[SSR] Privaty

Privaty can be obtained for free by completing your Beginner’s missions, but she isn’t to be underestimated just because she’s given to everyone. She provides plenty of useful offensive buffs to her team through her passive, and her damage is respectable. Privaty can even Stun enemies with her Burst Skill!

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[SSR] Noah

Noah may not be as reliable as Ludmilla, but she’s a serviceable tank for any squad she’s in. Noah’s most notable characteristic is her Burst Skill, which Taunts all enemies, protects her from all damage for 3 seconds, and then significantly buffs her Defense afterward.

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[SSR] Harran

With a high multiplier on her Burst Skill, Harran’s damage output is terrifying. She can also inflict a damage-over-time effect on any enemies she attacks, and this effect can spread if any enemies with this debuff are killed.

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[SSR] Volume

Volume is here to bring the pain by providing powerful offensive buffs to her squad mates. These buffs may be simplistic, but being able to increase the Critical Rate and Critical Damage of all allies is amazing for any offensive Nikke during a Full Burst window.

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A Tier

[SSR] Pepper

What Pepper lacks in offense, she makes up for with the healing she provides to the squad. Her auto attacks heal the ally with the lowest HP, and Pepper’s Burst Skill can restore the HP of all Nikke on the team while inflicting a single, high-powered attack on one enemy.

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[SSR] Dolla

Dolla’s Skillset is similar to Volume’s; however, this Nikke trades away some buffs for a damage-dealing Burst Skill, to middling results. Dolla’s attack, Critical Rate, and Critical Damage buffs may not be very high but are still valuable.

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[SSR] Exia

Exia is a decent Nikke, being able to buff her attack while decreasing the defense of any Nikke she attacks. Her Burst Skill is good for clearing out weaker enemies and happens twice if Exia collects 5 stacks of her passive.

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[SSR] Poli

Poli is a jack-of-all-trades, being able to buff the attack of her squad mates through her auto attacks and granting a shield to everyone based on her maximum HP. Notably, she can share damage between herself and two other Nikkes, but when it comes to pure defense there are better choices than Poli.

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B Tier

[SSR] Diesel

As a Nikke given as part of the pre-registration rewards, Diesel is sufficient for the early game as a pseudo-tank. However, her second Skill takes a very long time to activate, and Diesel’s HP recovery and defensive buffs only occur when Full Burst is activated. Once you raise better Nikkes or obtain better options from the gacha, Diesel won’t be useful anymore.

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[SSR] Brid

Brid is another Nikke suited to killing weaker bosses, as her Burst Skill is a two-part attack that inflicts a significant amount of damage to the enemy with the highest DEF, and repeats this attack if the boss is at full HP. Outside of these instances, she’s pretty unremarkable.

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[SSR] Milk

Milk is a decent offensive buffer, providing a moderate Critical Damage buff to all allies in the squad so long as her HP is above 80%. However, as she has no way to heal herself outside of her Burst Skill, Milk will need assistance from other Nikke to keep her HP above the threshold. She can also buff her allies’ attack, but this is limited to the two Nikkes with the highest attack stat in the squad. 

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How do you feel about Goddess of Victory: NIKKE?

It’s undeniable that a lot of work was put into the creation of Goddess of Victory: NIKKE, though its status as an idle game can burn out players who want to quickly blast through the game’s story mode and challenges. 

With plenty of girls to choose from, the app is a good choice for players looking to learn more about the different Nikke that can be obtained and doesn’t require constant upkeep to progress. Players who aren’t into FPS games or aren’t into waifus should steer clear of this title, as the game offers little else besides its story.

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