Holoearth’s Lobby Beta Opens on November 24


Cover Corps’ Holoearth Metaverse gaming project based on the Hololive VTuber agency, is releasing a public beta version of its… Lobby, on November 24!

Yes, it’s only going to be the lobby for the title and not the actual game. The lobby is said to be a “communications lobby” and the gateway to Holoearth. While you won’t be able to interact with Holoearth’s systems just yet, you can still create and test your own avatar while talking to other players in the lobby. This lobby doesn’t have a set testing period and is essentially the finished lobby until the game is finally released.

Download for the lobby is available on the game’s official website on November 24.

holo earth lobby beta

About Holoearth

Holoearth meanwhile is a metaverse game focusing on the Hololive characters building new homes in a brand new world, with fantasy-action gameplay being involved as many of the character’s origin stories involve fantasy elements in some form.

The game features a new original character, You Kururu designed by SSSS Gridman artist Masaru Sakamoto who will be playable in Holoearth and Hololive’s Alternative Project. From some of the screenshots and gameplay shared by the developers, you can create your own avatar or play as Hololive characters in a sprawling open world, creating beautiful homes and battling monsters with an assortment of weapons from swords to rocket launchers!

hololive alternative
hololive alternative holoearth trailers 003
hololive alternative holoearth trailers 001
hololive alternative holoearth trailers 002

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