Goddess of Victory: Nikke Adds New Nikke Laplace, Limited Event and More


Goddess of Victory: Nikke finished its maintenance and released a brand new Nikke, the third member of Matis and self-proclaimed Hero of the Ark, Laplace!

Along with the release of Laplace, a patch has been issued to fix a number of bugs commonly found in the game, including the notification popup on the Day by Day event, skill descriptions, and other issues, with more bug fixes planned for the end of the month. Chapters 17-18 of the story are also now in the game, along with the new limited event featuring Matis!

Goddess of Victory: Nikke – Light of Hero Trailer

Goddess of Victory: Nikke – New Character Laplace

The leader of Matis and Rocket Launcher Assault Nikke, Laplace is here!

This powerful Nikke has the ability to increase her explosions range every time with the Hero Vision buff every time she successfully fires off a fully charged shot. Once her Burst 3 is ready, she transforms her weapon into the Laplace Buster, turning it into a laser-beam minigun that pierces all enemies it damages, and can deal additional true damage if she fully stacks Hero Vision!

Nikke Laplace update 06
Nikke Laplace update 07

Goddess of Victory: Nikke – New Story Chapters

Story Chapters 17 and 18 are available now! While most of us haven’t gotten to that part in the game yet, it’s nice to see the game is receiving new story content pretty quickly, and it gives us a chance to preview the new boss Stormbringer! A gigantic flying rapture that controls the wind to attack your Nikkes from a distance, with an insane health pool with over 100 bars of health.

Nikke Laplace update 09
Nikke Laplace update 08
Nikke Laplace update 010
Goddess of Victory: Nikke

Goddess of Victory: Nikke – Hightech Toy Event

Also available now is the Hightech Toy event! Embark on a mission with the members of Matis, Laplace, Maxwell and Drake, to solve the mystery of missing mass-production Nikkes on the surface, and put and end to it to help Missilis’ Bottom Line or it will go under as a manufacturer!

Completing event stages will net you Hero Dice, which you can use to play a minigame that grants you rewards for successfully going through the entire map! Each time you complete one route, you’ll be granted recruitment tickets, and can farm Core Dust cases for your Nikkes.

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