MonMusu Gladiator Monster-Raising Game Officially Launches for Switch


WakuWaku Games announced today the official release of the Nintendo Switch version of MonMusu Gladiator, which is created by game creator Aoi Minato’s ZephyrStudio. The game supports Japanese, English, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), and Korean text.

MonMusu Gladiator is a roguelike RPG in which players become monster breeders, raise the strongest monster girls, and aim for the top of the arena. Players can strengthen their monster daughters with training cards, and win battles to obtain more powerful cards.

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It features a rather simple battle system: command battles are fought by consuming AP, which is accumulated over time and activating techniques. Damage sustained in battle is carried over during training and vice versa, so it is necessary to consider the balance between training and battle.

MonMusu Gladiator Monster-Raising Game Officially Launches for Switch

MonMusu Gladiator CM

MonMusu Gladiator Game Features

■ Win Battles and Strengthen Your Monsters!
Win battles, get training cards, and build your deck. Raise the strongest Monster Musume of your choice, by using a backgammon-like system to raise your cute little Mon-chan!

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■ Improve Abilities!
Choose cards and improve their abilities! You can build your own deck and raise the strongest Monsters. Choose her abilities or events…for your choice will determine her fate.

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■ Auto or Manual Battle Modes!
Press the skill button when you have accumulated AP. You can enjoy tense skill battles or let the easy auto-battle decide the winner. Keep fighting until the day you win your Monster Musume’s freedom!

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