Shining Nikki Gets Open-World Dress-Up Adventure Game Infinity Nikki for PS5, PS4, PC, and Mobile


Papergames announced that the world-hit dress-up game Shining Nikki is getting a new open-world game titled Infinity Nikki. The project celebrates the 10th anniversary of the popular Niki series, which has exceeded 100 million downloads worldwide.

The open-world dress-up adventure game is scheduled to be released on PlayStation, PC, iOS, and Android.

Join Niki and Momo in an open world set in the vast fantasy worldview of the franchise. You can expect a rich and new interactive experience with a high degree of freedom. The power resting in gorgeous outfits will find you a path forward and offer infinite fun along the journey!

Infinity Nikki Teaser PV

Infinity Nikki Gameplay

Explore the endless continent of Miraland
Now you can explore the majestic mountains and beautiful cityscape in Miraland with Niki. See with your own eyes the unexplored areas shrouded in mystery with creatures that you have never seen before.

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Infinite Fashion Styling and Coordination
Infinity Nikki will feature an unprecedented number of costumes and beautiful accessories. Costumes have various functions, and the player can acquire various abilities by coordinating the costumes. By experiencing a variety of activities such as flying around the vast world, fishing, and catching insects, the fun expands infinitely.

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A completely new adventure comes with new excitement
Niki and Momo have encountered various strange events and difficulties during their journey. And this time the power of fashion will draw a colorful and rich story. Embark on an endless journey with Niki in gorgeous outfits and write your own story!

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