2017 July Week #3 -RTS G Gen Gundam, Zombie Survival and Square Enix's Otome Game Arrives

Mr. Qoo

Video Version:

SD Gundam G Generation Revolution

Japanese Gamer Reactions:
"A game carrying the Gundam name, but ended up with this kind of quality…"
"Why an RTS gameplay? That’s so not G Generation…"
"Call out the producer who came with with this gameplay system!"

From the UI to the models, this game has a certain explainable cheap feel to it. The gameplay shifted to an RTS, the game feels a little jaded, but it isn’t entirely bad. If it wasn’t carrying the G Generation in its title it may be a little more well received.

Last Day on Earth: Survival

Japanese Gamer Reactions:
"Not even officially released, but already feels very fun!"
"Spent a whole day just stealing from other players!"
"I play everyday, done everything that can be done, begging for the next major update!"

The game is in the same genre as DURANGO, but instead of dinosaurs, players are put in a post zombie apocalyptic world. the game heavily focuses on the chaos in a post apocalyptic world, players can freely raid and kill other players in the same zone! The game gives players a lot of freedom. Last Day on Earth: Survival has been in Beta for over a month now so not all features are open, but it surely is worth trying.

Lineage M

Korean Gamer Reactions:
"This is a game that might not instantly be loved,but will definitely get money!"
"Not sure if this is a gambling game or a hunting game…"
"As a player who spent five years playing Lineage 1, this was definitely a wave of nostalgia!"

Lineage M is literally the mobile version of the original Lineage MMORPG. Due to the great difference between the Lineage 1 and Lineage 2’s system, many of the hardcore fans stuck with the original game. On of the highlights in the game is the real currency auction house (not available in Lineage M (12)). With real money involved, there certainly a lot of hype for the game. Additionally, a Chinese version is estimated to be released end of 2017. Those who don’t understand Korean might want to wait until that version is released!

Kimi Kiri

Japanese Gamer Reactions:
“3D models look quite unusual, I’ll just observe the game"
"Combat system is so old-fashioned and looks terrible"
"Character design and gameplay isn’t really my cup of tea, but the voice actor cast is very attractive."

When the game was released, the game wasn’t quite well received, as the story of the game was a little on the slow side. The art style of the game requires quite an acquired taste to fully appreciate. Unfortunately, the game’s combat lacked any sort of grip on players.

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