Knives Out JP × Chainsaw Man Anime Collab Runs Until January 14


The Japanese server of NetEase Games’ Knives Out battle royale game started the collaboration event with the Chainsaw Man anime from January 1 to January 14. Players can compete in exclusive game modes in this crossover and earn coins to pull on an exclusive gacha. Gacha rewards vary from weapon skins, vehicle skins, and new lobby themes!

Knives Out JP × Chainsaw Man Collab Costume & Vehicle Banners

The gold-limited gacha banner features weapons/vehicle skins exclusive to the collaboration alongside player costumes for Samurai Sword, Makima, Power, Denji, and Chainsaw Man. The banner also includes character voice packs for Makima and Aki Hayakawa so be sure to take your chances!

Should you not get him 100 pulls deep into the banner, you’ll be able to claim the Samurai Sword character skin via the pity system placed in the banner.

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A separate orange-rarity gacha will also be available during the collaboration period, whereupon 50 pulls, you’re guaranteed to get your hands on a vehicle skin for the coupe, that turns the car into the adorable chainsaw devil himself!

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Exclusive Devil Hunter Game Mode

During the event period, players can tackle the exclusive “Devil Hunting Special Operation” (対悪魔特殊作戦) game mode. Take on special enemies such as the Zombie Devil and Samurai Sword to complete the daily challenge to collect collaboration gacha coins.

Outside of the reward currencies, a rare bloodied-up version of the Public Safety Devil Hunters Bureau Costume can be found here as a secret random drop. A cleaner regular version of the iconic uniform can be claimed much easier via a login bonus during the collaboration.

Knives Out

Participate in Event Missions to Trade in Special Goodies

Outside of the event two limited gacha banners, you can snag weapon skins and profile icons using the event coins picked up by participating in the Devil Hunter game mode. Claim the exclusive P90 Pochita skin alongside icon sets depicting Aki Hayakawa here!

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Knives Out × Chainsaw Man Collab Exclusive Skins

The event also comes with its share of daily login bonuses you don’t want to miss out on. Simply log in to Knives Out for ten consecutive days to claim silver and gold collaboration gacha coins alongside rewards such as custom themes and hairpins shaped like Pochita.

Of note is that the lobby theme claimed on day 1 is a temporary version of the theme that won’t stick around forever. If you want to claim it for your account, you’ll need to log in diligently for six more days to keep the theme permanently!

Day 1Theme: Devil Hunter Tokyo HQ (7 Day temporary)
Day 2Silver Devil Hunting Reward x2
Day 3Supply Medal: Chainsaw Man (補給勲章: チェンソーマン) x1
Day 4Gold Devil Hunting Reward x 1
Day 5Theme: Devil Hunter Tokyo HQ
Day 6 Silver Devil Hunting Reward x3
Day 7Supply Medal: Chainsaw Man (補給勲章: チェンソーマン) x1
Day 8Gold Devil Hunting Reward x 1
Day 9Silver Devil Hunting Reward x5
Day 10Hair Accessory: Pochita
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Special Freebies and Value Packs Galore

Alongside a limited-time item pack discount that consists of the medals necessary to pull on the gacha banners, players can claim freebie medals at the shop page of Knives Out every day during the event period. Don’t miss out on your chance to pick them up!

■ Supply Medal (Chainsaw Man) x1 JPY$120 ⇒ JPY$0
■ Reward Pack 1: Gold Devil Hunting Reward x 1, Supply Medal (Chainsaw Man) x1 JPY$380 ⇒ JPY$180
■ Reward Pack 2: Gold Devil Hunting Reward x 5, Supply Medal (Chainsaw Man) x5 JPY$1,500 ⇒ JPY$800

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