MMORPG Dragon Nest's mobile adaption is ready for pre-registration

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Developed by gumi’s subsidiary Primus, mobile MMORPG Serencia Saga: Dragon Nest (セレンシアサーガ:ドラゴンネスト) launches pre-registration along with an official site.

As the first mobile RPG spin-off of the Dragon Nest series, it features voice actors including Yuki Kaji, Kana Harada, Daisuke Namikawa and Ami Koshimizu, as well as a theme song by famous pop star Kumi Koda. Players will take the role a knight who takes on challenges posed by the goddess in Serencia.

Pre-registration Rewards

Over 10,000: Gem x100
Over 20,000:  Gem x100
Over 30,000: Gem x150 + Warrior costume
Over 50,000: Gem x200 + Monk costume
Over 70,000: Gem x250 + Archer costume
Over 100,000:Gem x300 + Mage costume

The game will be released in Summer this year.

Official site

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