2017 July Week #4 Smashing New Games From Pinball to Isekai Adventures!

Mr. Qoo

Video Version:

Smash & Magic

Japanese Gamer Reactions:
"Monster Strike is finally something of the past."
"The game is really fast paced, which is quite fun, but the drop rates are too low!"
"Am I the only one who sees all the different faces as one person?"

A pinball game released by gumi that also encourages co-operative play. The game has a satisfying fast pace gameplay and characters are not represented by a ball or a coin, this makes adds a certain impact to the gameplay. Players are still complaining about the quality of the 3D models, we’ll just have to wait and see if Smash & Magic can be the next big pinball mobile title.

Isekai Kara No Nono

Japanese Gamer Reactions:
"Born in the wrong generation, if only it had came out earlier."
"Certainly feels like an old action game, but I like it."
"The action aspect of the game is well made, but modern gamers have been spoilt by easy gameplay and auto-modes."

Originally developed by a Chinese developer, this game revamped the original game with Japanese 2D artwork which successfully generated awareness on Japanese forums. Isekai Kara no Nono is a 2D platformer with delicate artwork and vibrant character animations, combining all these together, the game has been pretty well received. However, the game does become quite hard after a while due to increase in enemies and the lack or equipment for players. Stages will become gradually longer, and the lack of an auto-mode has become a problem to some players.

Q&Q Answers

Japanese Gamer Reactions:
"The game isn’t as interesting as Mystic Wiz, but better than other games in the genre."
"Got an SSR old guy for my first draw… Hey! Isn’t this game about girls?!"
"Isn’t it too hard, are they forcing people to pay?"

From the creators of Onigiri, CyberStep, Q&Q Answers is a mobile trivia quiz RPG that features intricate character designs that has attracted a lot of attention. The game feature multiple cooperative game modes which can be quite interesting. However, the game does require some understanding of the Japanese language. Additionally, the game’s PV are incredibly creative and well made, it is definitely worth checking out if you have the time [link<].

Ocean Chronicle: Pirate Adventure

Gamer Reactions:
"Currently in Open Beta, not a lot of discussion."

The game’s art style isn’t bad, but the characters lack originality and the style for each character differs greatly making it slightly strange. The game features a sea navigation / exploration like game play. Players can run their own expeditions and traffic different items for different locations to generate profit. Asides from trading players can also explore dungeons and fight pirates. Compared to its predecessor, the new game has a more friendly system, with the introduction of an auto mode and a fast forward feature. although the game’s genre has been obsolete for a while, navigation / exploration lovers should definitely give this game a shot.

▍Special Mention: Re:Monster

This game has already been out for a year, however, the game hasn’t really received a lot of attention. Surely QooApp readers has noticed the special collaboration between QooApp and Re:Monster right? (wink wink).

The game features a some-what RTS system. Players brings a sets their team of monsters and heroes from the original novel series, and fight waves of enemies for items, characters, and materials to level up characters, upgrade their village, and to eat. Yes, eat. The interesting part of this game lies in the players character.

Like th emain character from Re:Monster, players will be able to learn nea abilities from eating different materials and characters alike. By learning different abilities, players will also be able to evolve into different species whith different stats and looks!

If you haven’t read about the QooApp x Re:Monster Collaboration yet, you can read it here.

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