Hunter x Hunter Arena Battle Shuts Down on March 31


Q-max and DeNA, developers for the Hunter x Hunter Arena Battle mobile game, announced that the puzzle card battle hybrid title would be shutting down on March 31 at 15:00 [JST]. The title ends up running for three years and two months after its release in Japan.

Following this announcement, in-game microtransactions such as purchasing Jenny will no longer be available as of February 28. Any purchases made before January 26 at 13:59 [JST] are applicable for refunds by submitting a ticket via the title screen’s support tab in Hunter x Hunter Arena Battle.

As the game winds down to its closure in March, in-game online content will be gradually made unavailable. The Card Library and Deck code generation functions, alongside the games community website “Arena Battle Pub” (アリバトの酒場) will cease operations on February 28. The announcement also mentions that the game’s official website will be closing down as of May 31.

As a final send-off to its fans, Hunter x Hunter Arena Battle will also be offering players a final login bonus campaign featuring a total of 3000 Jenny along with 10 of each gacha tickets for the seven different character banners!

Hunter x Hunter

About Hunter x Hunter Arena Battle

Hunter x Hunter Arena Battle is a mobile strategy card battle RPG game made by DeNA and currently hosted by Q-max. In a game heavily influenced by Othello/Reversi, players take turns placing character cards with numerous attributes that empower themselves to deal damage according to how many opponent cards they flip. Action and support cards round out the combat system, allowing players to gain advantages in different ways, as they aim to bring the opponent’s HP to zero!

Deck building is key to climbing up to the upper echelons of the leaderboard, with the game featuring an extensive community suite that allows for PvP matches against others.

Featuring voice acting reprised by the cast of the 2011 anime adaptation, the game features animation stills from the anime as well, allowing fans to relive moments from the long-running series.

Hunter x Hunter Arena Battle has a rating of 4.1 at QooApp Game Store.

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