Fire Force: Enbu no Shо – Tier List and Reroll Guide


Fire Force made its mark back in 2015 in manga form, and has since then received an anime adaption that brings Shinra’s adventures to life! Fire Force: Enbu no Sho is a turn-based RPG that not only re-enacts the story of the series but also shines a new light on Fire Force’s beloved characters! As the game has just recently been released, you have plenty of time to take advantage of the beginner’s events and rewards!

How to Reroll in Fire Force: Enbu no Sho?

Fire Force: Enbu no Sho isn’t a particularly difficult game right from the get-go. But if you’re very familiar with the gacha page, you will definitely want a 3-star character to get the best head start.

On the other hand, you might have gotten unlucky and only obtained 1-star characters and skill cards due to the gacha’s combined 3% 3-star rate for both characters and skill cards. Though discouraging, keep in mind that every character can attain a 5-star rank with enough grinding. Therefore, I’d recommend that you reroll only if you want to progress extremely quickly through the game.


Just in case you do want to reroll, here are the steps:

1. Start Fire Force: Enbu no Sho and enter your username after accepting the Terms and Services. 
2. Complete the tutorial battle and skip all cutscenes.
3. Go to the Gacha page, and redeem your 10x roll from the Tutorial Banner.
4.At the Home Screen, receive your pre-registration rewards from the mailbox.
5.Spend your 30 Tickets and 500 Gems on more 10x rolls for whichever banner you like.
6. If you aren’t satisfied with the results of your rolls, return to the Title Screen by pressing the cog icon (Settings), and tap “タイトルヘ”.
7. Back at the Title Screen, tap Menu on the top right, and then tap Account Deletion via “アカウント削除”. Confirm your intent to delete your Account Data. 
8.The game will reset back to the Title Screen. Tap the screen and accept the terms and services again.
9. Repeat steps 2 through 8 until you obtain your desired characters!

Fire Force: Enbu no Sho Tier List

SS Tier

3★Arthur Boyle

Despite his delusions, Arthur brings strong attacks that can tear chunks into enemy HP in the early game. His second skill is a strong attack on all enemies, and his Ultimate Skill is a nice finisher that deals massive damage to a single enemy. He’s suitable for both farming and tough fights in Fire Force: Enbu no Sho and is an excellent slot-in for any new player. 

image 1


Iris is the best buffer at this point in Fire Force: Enbu no Sho’s lifespan, which makes her valuable for both the early and late game. She can heal an ally and save them the trouble of spending a turn to restore their HP. Not only that, but she can also buff all allies’ ATK with her Ultimate for 3 turns!

image 2

S Tier

3★Shinra Kusakabe

Shinra’s 3-star version gave you a taste of power in the tutorial with his powerful single-target attacks. He is tailor-made for tackling tough enemies, but will greatly appreciate any allies who can provide him with ATK buffs so that he can hit even harder!

image 3

3★Princess Hibana

This quirky scientist has a niche in providing debuffs to enemies, which isn’t useful in defeating mobs quickly. However, when faced with a tough foe in the late content of Fire Force: Enbu no Sho, she’ll work well with 2-star Takehisa Hinawa or 3-star Akitaru Obi in reducing the amount of damage that heads toward your team.

image 4

A Tier 

3★Akitaru Obi

The 3-star version of Akitaru is Enbu no Sho’s premier tank at launch, as he’ll be able to take many hits with his high defensive stats. Akitaru can also draw enemy aggro onto himself, which can protect the more fragile members of your team. Though he will be an excellent character at the beginning of the game, tanks are not useful for farming purposes and won’t see much use when grinding materials. 

image 5

2★Takehisa Hinawa

The 2-star version of Takehisa provides some defensive utility to the team, as his Ultimate Skill can reduce the damage taken by the party by one turn while also buffing their defense! He’s serviceable for players who are just starting out Fire Force: Enbu no Sho, but he isn’t feasible once you get characters who can deal high damage, and allies can choose to heal themselves when necessary.

image 6

B Tier

2★Maki Oze

This version of Maki isn’t much to write home about; her Ultimate Skill can work in a pinch, where she significantly buffs the ATK of a single ally for 1 turn. Maki might not see much general use once you obtain better characters, but she does have a niche in a burst damage party.

image 7

2★Shinra Kusakabe

Fire Force’s protagonist is usable in his 2-star form, which is given to players after the tutorial. This Shinra isn’t anything special; he’s just a decent damage dealer that will get outclassed by other 3-star characters.

image 8

2★Akitaru Obi

This version of the Battalion Captain is also available to all players after the tutorial, and while he suffers from low damage, he’s useful at the beginning as he can buff an ally’s ATK with his second skill for three turns.

image 9

Fire Force: Enbu No Sho Ignites the Hearts of Its Fans

Mobcast Games has done a sufficient job of creating an entry point into the Fire Force series. Gameplay-wise, this turn-based RPG isn’t anything particularly outstanding, but if you’re looking to collect your favorite characters from the global hit series! Unfortunately, the game has a rather low gacha rate, and obtaining gacha currency can take a long time; if you want to roll the gacha often, then you may need to look elsewhere.

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