Affogato Reverse Tower Defense RPG Gets New Trailer and Free Demo on Steam


Befun Studio and Spiral Up released a new demo of its upcoming reverse tower defense RPG Affogato during Steam Next Fest, as well as a new trailer and a behind-the-scenes video on its official YouTube channel a few days ago.

Affogato is a game that combines JRPG and tower defense elements with a stylish anime visual style. The game stars a modern witch as a cafe manager and is scheduled to release on PC via Steam sometime in 2023.

The demo version released this time includes the main story, side stories of some heroines, difficulty level selection, map system, and many other features added since the previous demo. The demo will be available until February 28, and players who play it will get a Limited Edition Cafe Skin in the official release of Affogato.

QooApp Affogato 01

During a live stream held on Steam on February 6 by the game’s developers, the fast-paced battles in the game’s unique reverse tower defense mechanic were featured, along with the coffee-making aspect of Affogato.

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The behind-the-scenes video interview with Befun Studio, hosted by Xinyu Shao, producer of the game, presents details of the game’s conception, like game development stories, initial character drafts, and early concept ideas.

QooApp Affogato 15
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Affogato Behind-the-scenes Video

Affogato Gameplay

Affogato is an RPG revolving around a sorceress juggling with the running of her new café, managing her debts, meeting customers from all walks of life, and ultimately helping them overcome their greatest fears and secrets by burrowing deep into their minds. Enjoy a story-rich RPG featuring an innovative ‘reverse tower defense’ mechanic and beautiful anime graphics!

Challenge Innovative Reverse Tower Defense Levels

Make critical decisions to help your customers defeat their inner demons by entering their minds and leading them to safety through challenging card-based reverse tower defense levels. Choose your routes and cards wisely or lose your customers forever!

QooApp Affogato 10
QooApp Affogato 11

Forge Special Friendships by Helping Your Customers

Get to know customers from all walks of life. Lend them a listening ear, hear their stories, step into their minds, and help them resolve their troubles. Forge special bonds with those you feel an affinity toward and become the approachable sorceress you’ve always aspired to be.

QooApp Affogato 08

Manage Your Time Wisely

Plan each day with care and manage your time wisely. Will you focus on bringing in moolah for your café, honing your skills as a barista, learning stronger spells, or bridging closer bonds with your customers? Remember that the clock is ticking and that every decision you make costs time in Affogato!

QooApp Affogato 13

Become a Professional Coffee Barista

Making a good cup of coffee is the cornerstone of being a barista. To be a truly great barista, however, you need to understand your customers and figure out which brews are perfect for them. Affogato features a realistic coffee-making simulation. Master the art of making great coffee and you can unlock hidden conversations and storylines!

QooApp Affogato 14

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