[Qoo News] New Mobile Shooter Star Trigger Now Available for Pre-Registration



Rekoo Japan’s new mobile shooter under development, Star Trigger (スタートリガー), launched its pre-registration event on 31st July. The game is scheduled for release this Summer.

Star Trigger is a 3D shooter game which combines traditional shooter with guild war elements to bring new experiences to players. Star Trigger also supports co-op for players to play together with friends!

▼Simple controls with fast pace gameplay

▼Supports up to 10vs10 real-time guild wars

▼Over 300 3D Avatars and items, highly customizable load outs!

Pre-Registration Rewards


Over 10,000 pre-registered: SR Avatar Box x5
Over 30,000 pre-registered: 300 Gems
Over 50,000 pre-registered: SSR Weapon (白波麗銃カネツグ)
Over 70,000 pre-registered: Trickster Set Box
Over 100,000 pre-registered: 600 Gems

Star Trigger Official Website
Star Trigger Official Twitter Account

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