Arknights CN x Monster Hunter Collab Begins on March 7


Announced back in October 2022, the collaboration between Arknights and Monster Hunter will finally be hitting the game’s Chinese server on March 7, bringing a new side story event, characters, outfits, and more!

This time the event follows the 2-star characters Yato and Noir Corne as they set foot in Higashi for the first time. The collab adds 3 new units with a 1-star being the Terra Research Commission Felynes from Monster Hunter, and the event-exclusive characters being Rathalos S Noir Corne and Kirin X Yato. Along with these two characters, will be new EPOQUE outfits for Suzuran, Scene, Mint, and a collab skin for the Terra Research Commission Felynes.

Arknights CN x Monster Hunter Collab Trailer

Arknights x Monster Hunter New Characters

The event , translated as Leaves Chasing Fire is almost here, and it brings two new operators to the game’s headhunting gacha. As this is the second collaboration exclusive gacha, players can pick up the new characters with a 50% pick-up for the respective rarities, and if you pull the Sharpened by Flame headhunting gacha at least 120 times, you are guaranteed to get Kirin X Yato once!

■ 5★ Rathalos S Noire Corne

Noir Corne joins Arknights as a new 5★ unit and as an Enmity Guard! This means he can’t be healed by allies but heals every time he attacks.

His first skill lets him perform the special sheathe from Monster Hunter, and when he receives damage he negates that attack before attacking an enemy within his range! His second skill lets him do a helm splitter on an enemy in front of him, dealing massive damage.

Arknights x MonsterHunter Collab 06
Arknights x MonsterHunter Collab 07

■ 6★ Kirin X Yato

Yato appears as an execution specialist, also known as a fast redeployer!

Her talent lets her deal increased damage for a short period of time after activating her skill, with her skills letting her execute moves from Monster Hunter like the spinning slash, and demon combo!

Arknights x MonsterHunter Collab 08
Arknights x MonsterHunter Collab 09

New to the collab is also the 1★ unit, the Terra Research Commission! These sniper felynes throw objects at enemies while dealing damage and can cause shockwaves every attack. Their attacks cause an explosion after a brief delay and can also trigger a random debuff from bonus damage, sleep, stun, or nothing!

The Felynes also come with their own exclusive outfit, which you’ll only be able to pick up during the event!

Arknights x MonsterHunter Collab 05
Arknights x MonsterHunter Collab 015

New Outfits

A new series of Epoque outfits will also be launching in Arknights CN, but given the game’s schedule when it comes to outfits, we may be getting these skins sooner, or at a later date.

The new skins are for Suzuran, Mint, and Scene respectively, and you can check them out below!

Arknights x MonsterHunter Collab 011
Arknights x MonsterHunter Collab 012
Arknights x MonsterHunter Collab 013
Arknights x MonsterHunter Collab 014

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