2017 August Week #1 Real Mobile Robot Taisen and Macross Tribute Title Released!

Mr. Qoo

Video Version:


Japanese Gamer Reactions:
“Finally a true mobile version of Robot Taisen, but by NEXON…? I want to cry…”
“COST, Storage, and Gold is scarce, quite unfriendly.”
“This game is not bad, but from NEXON.. Feels like another game that requires a lot of time and $$”

Judging by the protagonist’s mech, you can easily tell that this game pays tribute to the Super Robot Taisen series, so of course, the game features a turn-based tactical gameplay. The gameplay alone is pretty decent, but as a mecha title, the game focuses too much on the girls.

Finally, as a tip, it’s better to do 10x summons rather than single summons due to the increased SSR drop rate (6%).

Uta Macross Smartphone De Culture
歌マクロス スマホDeカルチャー

Japanese Gamer Reactions:
“The game’s designs seems quite restricted, not a lot can be done in the future.”
“The songs and characters are limited, seems like they’ll run out of content pretty quickly…”
“Hey! Where are all the MACROSS7 songs and characters!?”

Instead of calling it an idol rhythm game, it’s more accurate to call it a tribute to the Macross series. The songs performed by the idols are all from the series, which is definitely something that is aimed at Macross fans.

Unfortunately, there’s a limit to how many songs are featured in the series,. This causes worry to players about the future of the game.

Kamurai Tribe
神式一閃 カムライトライブ

Japanese Gamer Reactions:
“The gameplay really depends on personal preference. Not a game for mass public.”
“The protagonist looks like a combination of Super Saiyan and Nine-Tails Naruto…”
“In most games, players will able to gain experience by spending time, this game defies that…

A game based purely on character development. Through different scenarios that can occur whilst characters are training, players will be able to create their very own unique character.

The game’s system isn’t something that’s seen every day, but the gameplay is similar to JK Vampire, which shut down service earlier this year.

Majority of the time, players will be training their characters, players who don’t understand Japanese may not be able to fully appreciate the game. Additionally, the game’s manga-like presentation is also a great feature.

The Elder Scrolls: Legends

Gamer Reactions:
“This Hearthstone Update looks so different!”
“Some sort of strategy is required, you have to consider each lane’s situation.”
“A mobile card game that scored higher than Mass Effect…”

The mobile version of the Elder Scrolls TCG on PC. The system is clearly similar to that of Hearthstone, but developers have added some new elements for players, including the 2-lane system. Definitely worth a shot.

Final Fantasy: Awakening

Gamer Reactions:
“Your everyday mobile RPG with a different skin.”
“Doesn’t have any of the Type-0 impression, just another mobile RPG.”
“Completely Pay-to-Win, why would casual gamers be motivated to play?”

Many gamers thought that this game would be the successor of FF AGITO, which previously shutdown service in Japan. However, the game is more of Square Enix’s first attempt towards the Chinese market. The game doesn’t feature anything special. It simply is a mobile MMO in the style of FF Type-0. Since it’s an FF title, surely people would give it a shot right? (lol)

Mugen No Labyriz

Japanese Gamer Reactions:
“Pretty solid Characters and stories, looking forward to how it develops.”
“Not living up as a Rogue-like RPG, but definitely worth trying.”
“The game isn’t bad, but the controls could be a little better.

Not a lot of 3D Rogue-like RPGs for mobile, which makes this game quite rare. The character designs and model designs for the game isn’t bad, but unfortunately rogue-like RPGs aren’t especially popular, which explains the game’s low player base.

Re:Stage! Prism Step

Japanese Gamer Reactions:
“Game aimed purely at Lolicons?”
“The game is pretty pointless, can’t keep playing.”
“As a rhythm game, this fails on all levels!”

A new take on rhythm games, but developers may have gone a little too far, leaving players completely clueless. Asides from the characters the game feels overly simple, which gives it an incomplete feel.

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