Slobbish Dragon Princess 3 Kinetic Visual Novel Now Available on PC via Steam


Sekai Project announced that the kinetic visual novel Slobbish Dragon Princess 3 is now available on PC via Steam. The novel is the third installment in the Slobbish Dragon Princess series.

The Slobbish Dragon Princess game series features art by Takano Yuki, the same artist behind Neko-nin and Da Capo series. Players can enjoy the game in English or traditional Chinese text options, with Japanese voice acting.

The visual novel continues the story of a world where humanity and dragonkind are attempting to coexist. The previous two parts, Slobbish Dragon Princess and Slobbish Dragon Princess 2, are also available on Steam. Originally released as an eroge in Japan on October 28, 2022 by Japanese developer Whirlpool, the steam version is suitable for all ages, with no adult content.

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Slobbish Dragon Princess 3 Trailer

Slobbish Dragon Princess 3 Story

A few weeks have passed since the tumult of Iris, the Rainbow Dragon, leading her Sea Dragons to Earth to take over the world’s oceans. The dragons’ attitudes have softened since then. They no longer threaten to annihilate anyone who gets too close to the sea, for one. Humanity and dragonkind are beginning to adjust to a new world of coexistence, although for now, many questions remain. This, however, is a complex matter on a global scale.

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Our story revolves around an unemployed protagonist dwelling in a run-down dojo in Nowhere, Japan, living his best life alongside an ever-growing entourage of dragon royalty. A casual observer would no doubt assume they’d been living this way for a decade or more, given how close they all are.

“I hope these days can last forever.”

Our protagonist thinks to himself, leaving his wish unspoken. As the end of August approaches, the town shopping district is beginning preparations for a festival to mark the end of summer. This will be the first summer festival ever experienced by dragonkind. Meanwhile, for humanity (and one unfortunate girl in particular) this summer festival presents a once-in-a-lifetime chance to make special memories. Days filled with memories tick down one by one as the end of summer draws ever closer.

Yet unbeknownst to our protagonist, a shadow is looming.

“I cannot allow the likes of that human to deceive my Haru-chan! She’s the future of dragonkind!”

With that cry appears the big, bad Nether Princess Mei. The world now faces yet another threat. But that’s a story for later. Enjoying the festival comes first and foremost.

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Slobbish Dragon Princess 3 Character & Cast


■ Haru – CV: Shino Amekawa (Minori Ozawa)

The only daughter of the Dragon King, she is the invincible Dragon Princess who will eventually rule over the dragons. She enjoys a laid-back life with the protagonist, who is her self-proclaimed husband. However, her peaceful existence is disturbed by the presence of her new houseguests, Iris and Sango, who joined them after a sea vacation.

Haru is known for her forgiving nature, even when it comes to the romantic entanglements between the protagonist and the other dragon girls. Although she sometimes fights with Iris, she remains tolerant and understanding of the situation. The arrival of her “sister” Mei has caused some confusion, but for now, Haruka is looking forward to enjoying the summer festival.

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■ Suzuka Ichinose – CV: Juri Nagatsuma

The daughter of a traditional Japanese sweets shop owner and the childhood friend of the protagonist. She is possessed by an ancient dragon and can transform into a dragon girl if she lets her guard down.

Suzuka is a diligent, cheerful, and nerdy girl with poor taste in men (according to those around her). Although she has not made any significant progress with the protagonist, whom she likes, she considers him a dear friend. Her goal is to create special memories at the town’s summer festival, which is just ahead.

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■ Iris – CV: Kiiro Tsukino

The Rainbow Dragon, king of the sea and all its dragons. She likes the protagonist and has taken over the martial arts dojo, living there with him.

Iris is playful and enjoys exploring, but is also starting to become more responsible and less destructive. She is frustrated that the protagonist won’t be with her romantically, but is excited about the upcoming summer festival and intends to make it memorable.

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■ Sango – CV: Moko Kohane (Natsumi Yamada)

The Water Dragon King and Iris’s partner. She is a lazy and unambitious dragon, preferring to spend most of his time in front of the TV or playing video games. She embodies the NEET lifestyle that many people aspire to, and doesn’t need to eat, sleep, or use the bathroom as most creatures do.

She is currently staying with Iris at the martial arts dojo of the protagonist’s family. Despite her lazy nature, she is interested in the upcoming summer festival and may participate in it.

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■ Mei – CV: Ren Sagami

The dragon princess of the Nether and the only other known dragon with the Nether attribute. She is self-proclaimed to be the counterpart of Haru and dreams of ruling dragons alongside her.

However, Haru does not remember her. Mei has a complex personality mixing arrogance and insecurity. She tends to use empty threats and boasts, but her true feelings toward the protagonist are unclear.

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Side Characters:

■ Dorami – CV: Suzu Sazanami (Reika Fujisawa)

The leader and symbol of a Dragon cult, which has become nationwide popular. She belongs to the water faction and has a connection with two other dragons, Iris and Sango.

She rented an apartment to win them over, but things are not going well, and the planned extravagance reception has backfired. The situation has caused the followers of the cult to become disillusioned, and it seems to be a critical moment for her cult, but this is unrelated to the main story (spoiler alert).

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■ Akino Ichinose – CV: Nagomi Naruse (Mikoto Chou)

The owner of Ichinose, a famous local confectionery store that has been in business for generations, and Suzuka’s mother. She is a well-known beauty in the neighborhood, but her recent smiles are hiding some worries.

She is concerned about her daughter’s passivity and fears she may never make a move on her love interest. She advises Suzuka to participate in the summer festival to take a step forward, but she is still her old self who often sighs in her unfortunate position as a passive woman.

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