Haegin’s Demian Saga Mobile RPG Now Available for Pre-Registration


Play Together’s Korean developer Haegin officially opens the pre-registration for its upcoming RPG Demian Saga: Chrono Pirates for iOS and Android devices. Players who pre-order the game via the App Store or Google Play will receive 3,000 Gems, a Treasure Map Set, an Epic Equipment Selection Ticket, and five Currency Bags when the game launches globally in April.

Demian Saga is a collectible RPG with a heavy focus on characters. The game features gorgeous character art, flashy cut scenes, and cute 3D models done in a chibi art style. A level-sharing system will be available for players to quickly level up their characters. Massive real-time PVP content that allows up to 200 players from four unions (guilds) is also in the works.

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Demian Saga: Chrono Pirates PV

Demian Saga: Chrono Pirates Game Features

Set in a fantasy world of five continents distinguished by their own cultures, players will be joining Aisha and Jaden on an adventure toward the land of the gods known as the Primeval Highlands, where all your wishes may come true.

Demian Saga Chrono Pirates 2

Gather up a boisterous bunch of pirates with their unique charm and equipment into your dream pirate crew. A bunch of content awaits as you search towers, look for treasure maps, and even challenge bosses in a raid!

Demian Saga Chrono Pirates 3
Demian Saga Chrono Pirates 4

The game features over 20 game modes, and you are free to team up with pirates from other parts of the world for an adventure or prove yourself at the Grand Arena and Union Invasions.

Demian Saga Chrono Pirates 5
Demian Saga Chrono Pirates 7
Demian Saga Chrono Pirates 6

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Demian Saga Demian Saga Haegin Co., Ltd. Release Date: 2023-04 Pre-register