Shaman King Flowers Unveils New Trailer, Visual, and Debut in January 2024


Announced almost 1 year ago, the Shaman King Sequel anime, Shaman King Flowers based on the manga series of the same name, announced it will begin airing next year in January 2024, while also releasing a new teaser and visual!

Set 14 years after the end of Shaman King, this sequel is centered on Yoh Asakura and Anna’s son only son Hana Asakura. At his young age Hana has been unable to manifest his shaman powers, leading him to be depressed and lack purpose, until two other people claiming to be from the Asakura family appear before him, forcing him to quickly learn!

The anime’s cast has also been revealed, with Yoko Hikasa playing the role of Hana Asakura, and Katsuyuki Konishi reprising his role as Amidamaru. Sumire Uesaka will play the role of Alumi Niumbirch, with Shun Horie as Yohane Asakura, and Michiko Kaiden as Ibuki Gakko, and Romi Park as Tao Men.

Shaman King Flowers Trailer1 KV

Shaman King Flowers Teaser Trailer

Shaman King Flowers trailer1 01
Shaman King Flowers trailer1 07
Shaman King Flowers trailer1 06
Shaman King Flowers trailer1 05
Shaman King Flowers trailer1 04
Shaman King Flowers trailer1 03
Shaman King Flowers trailer1 02

Shaman King Flowers Anime Cast

■ Hana Asakura – CV: Yoko Hikasa

Shaman King Flowers Cast 0 1

■ Amidamaru – CV: Katsuyuki Konishi

Shaman King Flowers Cast 0 6

■ Alumi Niumbirch – CV: Sumire Uesaka

Shaman King Flowers Cast 0 5

■ Yohane Asakura – CV: Shun Horie

Shaman King Flowers Cast 0 4

■ Ibuki Gakko – CV: Mihiko Kaiden

Shaman King Flowers Cast 0 3

■ Tao Men – CV: Romi Park

Shaman King Flowers Cast 0 2

About Shaman King Flowers

Shaman King is a manga series originally created by Hiroyuki Takei, and follows the adventure of a young Yoh Asakura as he hones his abilities as a Shaman, partaking in the Shaman Fight to ultimately become the titular Shaman King. The series began in 1998 and into 2004, and has been adapted into multiple media from other manga series, anime, games, and several spin-off stories.

Shaman King Flowers serves as a sequel to the original series as it features Yoh Asakura, and Anna’s child Hana Asakura. Blessed with the power of Amidamaru, Yoh’s spirit guardian, and the power of several Oni within him placed by his uncle, Hana has had trouble from a young age manifesting his powers causing him to become depressed and easily quick to anger and violence, just like his mother.

One night he is attacked by two people claiming to also be from the same Asakura Clan he hails from, proclaiming that they will kill him, and his father so they can take their rightful place as the head of the Asakura Clan, left with no other choice, Hana’s rage lets him tap into his powers, as he readies for the Shaman Fight of his life.


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