Berserk of Gluttony Anime Unveils Teaser Trailer, Main Cast, and 2023 Debut


The television anime adaptation of Ichika Isshiki’s Berserk of Gluttony dark-fantasy light novel series has revealed a teaser visual, trailer, and main cast members. The anime is also confirmed a 2023 release window.

Ryōta Ōsaka plays the protagonist, Fate Graphite, and Tomokazu Seki plays Greed, Fate’s trusted partner. Fate and Greed are both members of the Boushoku Guild, an organization that specializes in hunting monsters and collecting their abilities. However, the staff and animation are yet to be revealed.

QooApp Berserk of Gluttony kV

The teaser trailer highlights the bonding between Fate and Greed as they stand up against a group of goblins with Fate’s Gluttony skill to overpower them. The video also introduces the main cast and gives a glimpse into the world, animation, and action scenes of the adaptation.

Berserk of Gluttony Anime Teaser Trailer

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Berserk of Gluttony Anime Characters

■ Fate Graphite – CV: Ryōta Ōsaka

A young boy who possesses the deadly sin skill of Gluttony, a skill that steals skills and stats from the enemies he kills.

He is despised as incompetent and forced to live a life at the bottom of the heap, but in order to protect Roxy, who saved him from a plot, he uses his Gluttony skill to devour the abilities of his opponents and grows up.

QooApp Berserk of Gluttony C01
QooApp Berserk of Gluttony C01 1

■ Greed – CV: Tomokazu Seki

A black “deadly sin” sword that Fate obtained at a weapons shop. It has a will and can communicate with Fate through mind-reading skills. Although it has a sharp tongue, is a reliable partner.

QooApp Berserk of Gluttony C02
QooApp Berserk of Gluttony C02 1

About Berserk of Gluttony

Writer Ichika Isshiki and illustrator fame started publishing Berserk of Gluttony on the website Shōsetsuka ni Narō in January 2017, and later moved to Kakuyomu in March 2022. A manga adaptation, illustrated by Daisuke Takino, started in Micro Magazine’s online magazine Comic Ride in March 2018. The novel has been published digitally in English as Berserk of Gluttony by Seven Seas Entertainment since October 29, 2020.

The story follows Fate Graphite, a gatekeeper who works for a noble family and is constantly humiliated because of his useless skill, Gluttony, which only serves to make him hungrier. However, after killing a dying thief, he discovers that Gluttony has a concealed ability that allows him to steal skills and grow stronger by devouring the souls of his victims.

Fate decides to leave the noble family and begin a journey to get stronger and take revenge on those who humiliated him. Along the way, he meets Roxy, a mage; Mine, a swordswoman; and Eris, a priestess, who become his companions. Together, they uncover sinister secrets linked to Fate’s skill and his family’s lineage. Also, facing challenges from powerful enemies, including a demon lord, as Fate seeks to control his Gluttony skill and become the master of his own destiny.

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