Rhapsody Live Concert Anime Debuts in Early July; Teaser Trailer Revealed


Based on the multimedia project by Rockin’on Group, the live concert anime of Rhapsody will be released in Japan in early July. The live anime concerts also revealed a new key visual and teaser trailer showcasing its impressive 3D animation.

The key visual features the leaders of each of the four bands involved in the project, along with the catchphrase: “The future of music animation is changing. Animation x Real Live”. The four bands showcased in the concert include the 4-piece rock band Pink Flag, the high school loud rock band Spring Cross, the childhood friends unit Bluebird, and finally, the brothers’ EDM band, System of Romance.

QooApp Rhapsody KV

Rhapsody is a multi-faceted project that follows the stories of four different bands through music, live performances, voice dramas, and anime. The unique “live anime” format will consist of a mix of animated drama segments and live music scenes, with the cast performing as the vocalists for each band in real life.

Rather than being shown in movie theaters, the project will have regular performances at the Tokyo Tatemono Brillia Hall’s live theater harevutai, which has a permanent LED display for the show.

QooApp Rhapsody KV0

Rhapsody Live Anime Teaser PV

QooApp Rhapsody 1
QooApp Rhapsody 2
QooApp Rhapsody 3
QooApp Rhapsody 4
QooApp Rhapsody 5
QooApp Rhapsody 6
QooApp Rhapsody 7
QooApp Rhapsody 8
QooApp Rhapsody 9
QooApp Rhapsody 10

Rhapsody Live Concert Anime Staff & Production

Original Concept/Executive Producer: Yoichi Shibuya, Rockin’on
Original Character Design: Yuki Kodama
Character Design: Momoko Kawai
Planning cooperation: MIXER
Real Live Performances: Jun Suetsugu, Tatsuya Sugawara, Reon Tanie, Yuri Yamamoto

Rhapsody Live Concert Anime Cast

Pink Flag:
■ Kazuma Mochino (vocal/guitar) – CV: Jun Suetsugu
■ Istuki Mikai (guitar/chorus) – CV: Junta Terashima
■ Taku Kitase (bass) – CV: Kohei Yanagi
■ Arata Kosegawa (drums) – CV: Takuya Masumoto

Spring Cross:
■ Nijiro Shisui (vocal) – CV: Tatsuya Sugawara
■ Touji Tsukishima (guitar) – CV: Souma Saito
■ Shion Kagami (bass) – CV: Hiromu Mineta
■ Kōsei Taiyō (drums) – CV: Shuichiro Umeda

■ Rakki Kokonoe (vocal/guitar) – CV: Reon Tanie
■ Souten Natsume (guitar/vocal) – CV: Haruki Asada
■ Nazuna Chikarashi (keyboad) – CV: Katsuyuki Miura

System Of Romance:
■ Kinji Abiko (vocal) – CV: Yuri Yamamoto
■ Ginji Abiko (DJ/composer) – CV: Taiki Kawamoto

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