Bitter-Sweet Cohabitation Romance Visual Novel Now Available on Switch


CyberStep announced the release of the visual novel Bitter-Sweet Cohabitation, which is currently available at the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch at a price of USD$19.99. The game is also heading to PC via Steam on March 28.

Originally released in Japan as an eroge on December 22, 2017, by Noir Soft, this version has been reworked by PandaShojo without any adult content, making it suitable for all ages. The Switch and PC ports support multiple languages, including Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Simplified, and Traditional Chinese.

Bitter-Sweet Cohabitation follows the story of a typical boring businessman. One day, he finds a lost girl and takes her in, which sets off a series of events that leads to his cohabitation with her and other girls each one with their unique stories.

QooApp Bitter Sweet Cohabitation 01

The novel features a branching storyline with multiple endings and a cast of characters with different personalities, backgrounds, and circumstances. Players must make choices that affect the course of the story and determine which heroine they end up with.

QooApp Bitter Sweet Cohabitation 03

Bitter-Sweet Cohabitation Story

The protagonist, Keigo Sagami, is a typical boring businessman. While seeking to meet women, Keigo suddenly finds himself living with a runaway girl.

The girl’s name was Rio Shina. As they live together, they begin to open up, but Keigo rejects Rio, feeling that they cannot continue this ambiguous relationship.

QooApp Bitter Sweet Cohabitation 04
QooApp Bitter Sweet Cohabitation 02

However, the days without Rio were very empty. Then, many girls with different problems appear in front of Keigo. Akina Kobayakawa, a friend of Rio, and Nagi Asama, a noble young girl who seeks freedom. Keigo drowns in their charms as if to fill a hole in his heart…

QooApp Bitter Sweet Cohabitation 05
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