Atelier Ryza Announces TV Anime Adaptation for Summer 2023!


At the Atelier 25th Anniversary Progam #5, it was officially announced that the Atelier Ryza series by Gust and Koei Tecmo is receiving an anime adaptation! The television anime is set to air in the summer of 2023 and will be based on the story of the first game, Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout.

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All of the main cast of the original game is reprising their roles in the anime. Ema Yuzuriha is directing the anime at Liden Films, and Yashichiro Takahashi is returning from the game to oversee the series scripts. Tomoyuki Shitaya, the character designer from Bakuman and Food Wars, is designing the characters. Kazuki Yanagawa is returning from the game to compose the music.

In addition, Atelier Ryza will be taking the stage at AnimeJapan 2023’s Green Stage, which will be held on March 26! In addition to celebrating the release of the third mainline game, a total of six main cast members will take the stage to commemorate the anime adaptation. An additional stage event will also be held at the Aniplex booth on the same day, with a life-size figure of Ryza on display.

Atelier Ryza Anime Teaser Trailer

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Atelier Ryza Anime Synopsis

The village of Rasenboden is located on the island of Kurken, surrounded by lakes.
In this village on the frontier of the Roteswasser Kingdom, its inhabitants are not only ordinary and unremarkable, but one of them, Ryza, sighed:

“Ahhh, why isn’t there ANYTHING to do here?!”

Dissatisfied with her life as an ordinary farmer’s daughter in a cramped and boring village, she sneaks out on a small boat with her childhood friends Lent and Tao and sets off on her first adventure to the other side of the island. There, she meets a man who uses a mysterious power called “alchemy”.

Fascinated by his power, Liza asks him to teach her alchemy. And from a single farmer’s life to alchemy, their summer adventure begins…

Atelier Ryza Anime Production Staff & Production

Original Story: Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout (KOEI TECMO GAMES)
Original Character Designer: Toridamono
Director: Ema Yuzuriha
Series Composition: Yashichiro Takahashi
Character Design: Tomoyuki Shitaya
Music: Kazuki Yanagawa
Anime Production: Liden Films

Atelier Ryza Anime Cast

■ Reisalin Stout – CV: Yuri Noguchi
■ Klaudia Valentz – CV: Hitomi Ōwada
■ Lent Marslink – CV: Takuma Terashima
■ Tao Mongarten – CV: Yui Kondou
■ Empel Vollmer – CV: Hirofumi Nojima
■ Lila Decyrus – CV: Haruka Terui

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