Akira Toriyama’s Sand Land Anime Film Arrives on August 18


Announced earlier last year, the anime adaptation of Akira Toriyama’s Sand Land is coming on August 18 in Japan, and it’s also finally been revealed that the anime adaptation is in fact an anime film.

The announcement was made on the Japanese version of the anime’s teaser website, where it mentioned the anime film will be opening in Japan on August 18, and it’s being handled by Sunrise, Kamikaze Douga, and Anima. Alongside that, there were three new teaser images revealed featuring Beelzebub, Thief, and Rao. Previously the anime was just announced as a “screen adaptation”, so it’s nice to finally know what form it will take.

SandLand Anime Teaser Visuals 1
SandLand Anime Teaser Visuals 2
SandLand Anime Teaser Visuals 3

About Sand Land

Sand Land is a manga series about survivors roaming the earth long after it had been ravaged by war and natural disasters. Water is incredibly scarce and a king hoards all of the remaining water in the land, forcing common citizens to fight and rob each other for food and water. Tired of the king’s rampant greed, a sheriff asks the demon prince Beelzebub and his friends to go on a search for an alternate source of water.

sandland project tease 0 2

Sand Land Anime Visual Adaptation Teaser

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