Fire Force: Enbu No Sho x Soul Eater Collab is Available Now


The collaboration event between mobcast’s Fire Force: Enbu no Sho and Atsushi Ohkubo’s Soul Eater series is available right now, bringing with it a new collaboration gacha and collab event!

The collaboration adds the Shibusen Academy Training Ground event, letting you earn free ★3 skill cards and rare training materials, and has a special collaboration limited gacha featuring Maka Albarn, and Death the Kid as playable characters, with the 2nd gacha coming in the latter half of the event.

The collaboration event begins on March 23 after maintenance and ends on April 13, 12:59 [JST].

Fire Force: Enbu No Sho x Soul Eater Characters

The Soul Eater collaboration gacha is here, bringing the iconic Meisters Maka Albarn, and Death the kid as ★3 characters! The gacha is also special as it’s a step-up gacha, in which every 4th step guarantees a ★3 character, and at 10 consecutive summons you are guaranteed at least one of the collaboration characters between Maka and Death the Kid.

The collaboration gacha begins on March 23 after maintenance, and ends on March 30.

Fire Force Enbu no Sho

Fire Force: Enbu No Sho x Soul Eater Event

The Soul eater event is here! Take the members of the Special Fire Force academy out on an expedition to Shibusen Academy to go on a training trip, where you can pick up the ★3 skill cards Hot Blooded Otemba Lady, and Shinigami and Devil during this event! Since this event is also tagged as “part 1”, it will only be available for a short amount of time and will leave before the event ends!

This special event stage ends on April 4, 12:59.

Fire Force Soul Eater Collab 2

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