Goddess of Victory: Nikke Begins Launches License to Kill Event on April 13


Goddess of Victory: Nikke is gearing up to celebrate its half-year anniversary, but before that we’re getting the License to Kill event on April Blossom event after the game’s maintenance, along with the return of a fan-favorite Nikke.

The License to Kill brings new event stages and rewards as usual, along with the new Elysion SMG Attacker D, who joins the game with her new Special Recruitment banner. Alongside her is Alice who also has her own pick-up banner in case you didn’t get her before. The game will also be launching a new coordinated operation featuring the challenge boss Modernia.

The License to Kill event begins on April 13, after the game’s maintenance.

Goddess of Victory Nikke: License to Kil Event

The cross we bear is heavy indeed. Nikke’s License to Kill event begins immediately after the update, featuring the latest Nikke to the game D from squad Perilous Siege along with her partner K, who sadly isn’t coming to the game yet.

Like with every other event, there will be event stages in both normal and hard, with various rewards including tickets and upgrade materials available for grabs.

Goddess Of Victory Nikke License to Kill 0 1

Goddess of Victory Nikke D and Alice

And of course, coming to the game is D herself. This Burst 3 SMG attacker from Elysion fills the niche of a boss-killing Nikke, as her skills let her deal increased damage to enemies of the Iron element, making her particularly potent against Modernia, much like how Sakura is good against Alteisen.

Her Skill 2 lets her charge up the burst gauge significantly when the boss target appears, letting you start your burst rotation much sooner. Sadly because of the way her skill works, which is when the target appears, her skill will have no effect in PvP.

Goddess Of Victory Nikke License to Kill 0 4

Goddess Of Victory Nikke License to Kill 0 7

Goddess Of Victory Nikke License to Kill 0 5

Alice is also coming back with her own pick up recruitment! If you haven’t picked up one of Tetra Manufacturer’s most powerful Burst 3 Sniper attackers, make sure you grab her as her banner is up on the same time as D, and both banners leave the game after two weeks on April 27, [UTC+9].

Goddess Of Victory Nikke License to Kill 0 2

New Login Event

As part of the License to Kill event is another 7-day login event, which grants more materials and a x10 recruit voucher on Day 7.

Goddess Of Victory Nikke License to Kill 0 6

Half-Year Anniversary Character Poll

And if you’ve missed it the game’s still holding its half-year character poll! Vote now for your favorite character on the game’s official website to help have 1 Nikke get a free costume, and claim free recruit vouchers, and get 10 advanced recruit vouchers in the game’s half-year anniversary stream on April 21, 19:00 [PDT].

Goddess Of Victory Nikke License to Kill 0 3

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