Mixi Teases New Game With Monster Strike’s Pandora


MIXI, the developers behind Monster Strike and Tower of Sky, recently created a new Twitter account and website for a new game, with only the caption “Coming Soon…”

While little is known about the title, the image shared with this announcement seems to feature the character Pandora who is a key character and one of the most popular in Monster Strike, serving as the game’s mascot as she also appears in several collabs with other games. The game’s website also has the URL “mssteaser”, which could mean the game is called Monster Strike “S”, though what the S could stand for is still up for debate.

The game’s Twitter also described it as a new smartphone application, so fans of the series may soon be able to play this new title also on iOS and Android devices whenever it’s released.

Monster Strike New Game Pandora

About Monster Strike

Monster Strike is a Japanese mobile game franchise created by Mixi, originally designed by former Capcom Game Designer Yoshiki Okamoto, who is credited with producing titles such as Time Pilot, 1942, Gun Smoke, Final Fight, and Street Fighter 2, and even playing a role in the creation of the Red Dead franchise.

Monster Strike came out in Japan first on August 8, 2013, for iOS devices, and remains one of the most commercially lucrative mobile games on the market with its fairly simple yet complex gameplay where you flick monsters across the screen like a billiards/pool table to strike at enemies and granting a variety of buffs depending on how you interact with the environment.

Monster Strike Japan Logo 0

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