Goddess of Victory: Nikke Half-Anniversary Adds Dorothy, Free SSR Rei, and Teases NieR Collab!


Goddess of Nikke Victory held a special live stream celebrating the game’s half-anniversary, and during this live stream celebrated the occasion with a ton of exciting announcements!

Just to name a few, we got the reveal of the Pilgrim from the Goddess Squad Dorothy, making her way as an incredibly powerful Burst 1 Nikke, alongside a free SSR adorable Nikke called Rai which you can pick up from the game’s Over Zone Event, the game’s solo raid, a new mini-game featuring Snow White, new skins, and just that the game’s getting another IP collaboration, with it most likely being with NieR Automata!

Goddess of Victory: Nikke Dorothy Trailers

Goddess of Victory: Nikke New Units

New to the game are two special SSR Nikkes, one of them being another Pilgrim from the squad Goddess, and Rei, the game’s first-ever free SSR Nikke, which will also be available with free cores making it easier to pass that pesky 160 wall!

Dorothy will be available in her own pick-up recruitment, but thankfully you can pull on her banner once a day for free, totaling 11 free pulls, along with tons of free pulls from the rest of the event!

Nikke Half ANniversary Content 08

Nikke Half ANniversary Content 0 1

■ Dorothy

Dorothy is finally here! Introduced in the latest story arc of Nikke, Dorothy joins the game as a Burst 1 Pilgrim at a 20 seconds cooldown, and boy does she pack a punch.

Dorothy’s main part of her kit comes in her burst, which causes her to go into Expression Mode for 10 seconds. During this period her bullets will pierce enemies, and she brands a single enemy with a mark. When damage is dealt to that enemy, a sort of bomb is attached to them that grows the more damage you deal to the enemy, capping at 8900.83% of Dorothy’s attack! When that cap is reached or the duration of Expression mode ends, the mark explodes dealing that damage to all enemies in the stage, including all of that enemy’s parts!

This pairs incredibly well with the rest of her kit, like Skill 2 Baptism, which deals 216% of her damage to all enemies in the map but at a 20-second cooldown, but while in Expression mode that cooldown is reduced to 2 seconds! In addition, her first skill, which normally just reduces the cooldown of allies’ burst skills, can also cause all allies to deal up to 50.68% bonus damage onto an enemy’s parts!

Nikke Half ANniversary Content 09

■ Rei

The event’s also granting a free unit, and it’s not an SR, but the SSR Rei! This adorable little fluffball will also come with free dupes, which is great for helping players get past the dreaded 160 wall that’s blocking progress for many Nikke players.

Rei is a defender that wields an SMG with a 20-second cooldown, and while her kit seems a little vague generally speaking her role is that of a tank that summons her Penguin buddies out to tank damage, with her skill being able to take damage for her and tank damage in her stead if she uses her burst. She can also heal the penguin and charge up the burst gauge quicker when firing her gun. Rei is also so short that when she fires she doesn’t need to crouch!

Nikke Rei Free SSR 01
Nikke Rei Free SSR 0

Goddess of Victory: Alice and Viper Passes

Alice and Viper are also getting new passes! One event pass and one battle pass, granting you the usual items and pulls, and a special skin for both of them, with Alice going for a nice day out, and Viper doing her best to dress up as a very nice-looking bunny!

Nikke Half ANniversary Content 010

Nikke Half ANniversary Content 011

Goddess of Victory: Nikke Overzone Event

The Overzone event is a new in-game event focused on the Pilgrim squad Pioneer, following Snow White, Rapunzel, and Scarlet, taking place on a new map where you can play in event stages and challenges, similar to the Christmas and Chainsaw Man events. The Over Zone event also comes with 20 advanced recruit vouchers for completing its story and logging in, as well as 10 Normal recruit vouchers!

Nikke Half ANniversary Content 015

As part of this event is also the Over Zone Minigame, where you can explore Snow White’s memories and find over 21 endings to the story of this always-hungry Pilgrim.

Nikke Half ANniversary Content 016

Goddess of Victory: Nikke Solo Raids

Solo Raids which were previously teased in a patch are also coming to the game, adding a new depth of challenge as you go up against the event boss Mother Whale. Go up against the increasingly harder difficulties of this boss to pick up enhancement materials and show off your team’s prowess.

Nikke Half ANniversary Content 014

Goddess of Victory: Nikke Story Chapter 21~22

Chapters 21 to 22 of the game’s story will also be added to the game, bringing even tougher stages and letting you further advance your outpost level, while the game explores the events of an invasion!

Nikke Half ANniversary Content 012

Goddess of Victory: Nikke Nier Automata Collab

And finally, at the game also teased an exciting collab with none other than NieR Automata! While only the logo was revealed, fans have already compared the “Ni” in Nikke to match the same ones used in NieR: Automata’s logo.

While this is incredibly exciting, it’s also not too surprising since NieR Automata has collaborated with several mobile games before, and it seemed like a perfect fit to match with the post-apocalyptic, yet high-tech world of Nikke. The collab’s release date wasn’t announced.

Nikke Half Anniv Event 0 1

Nikke Half Anniv Event 0 2

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