Xbox Games Showcase is Set for June 11 Followed by Starfield Direct


The big Xbox Games Showcase has officially confirmed its streaming schedule on June 11, at 10 am [PT]. Like its previous practice, the event will reveal the upcoming Xbox games from both first and third-party studios. The show will also be followed by a Starfield Direct; a whole show dedicated to a deep-dive on Bethesda’s highly-anticipated space-faring RPG.

And according to the Xbox Wire blog, it will feature “some new surprises” and “first-looks” from internal development studios. And you can expect to see plenty of reveals for upcoming Xbox, PC, and Game Pass titles, though no specific ones have been announced just yet.

On the other hand, Starfield Direct promises “tons of new gameplay, developer interviews, and behind-the-scenes insider information.” Fans are definitely looking for a more thorough picture of the RPG as it was delayed from last year until this September.

As Bethesda’s first new game since 2018’s Fallout 76, Starfield is directed by Todd Howard and made by the team that created Fallout 4 and Skyrim. As the studio’s first new IP in 25 years, fans are understandably excited and interested in the Starfield Direct on June 11!

Like last year, there’ll be a follow-up stream called Xbox Games Showcase Extended airing June 13 at 10 am [PT], with in-depth interviews focused on the news from the Xbox Games Showcase as well as more game updates.

All of these streams are available via Xbox’s official social media accounts, like Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook. Xbox says all content will be presented in over 30 languages, including American Sign Language, British Sign Language, and English Audio Descriptions.

The console marker is also holding virtual and in-person FanFest events in Los Angeles, Mexico City, São Paulo, Melbourne, and Warsaw so that fans can have a small gathering to watch the broadcast together.

The summer Xbox Games Showcase is part of the games industry’s tradition of making announcements in the month of June. It was always done as part of or adjacent to E3, the mammoth games event taking place in Los Angeles. But with E3 2023 now canceled, it will be up to individual companies to make their own announcements either independently or via new events.

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