Valkyrie Connect x Hololive 2nd Collab Begins on May 17


Valkyrie Connect has been teasing another collaboration with Hololive since April, and the time is almost here as the game’s 2nd collaboration with the Vtuber agency will begin next week!

This collaboration brings four new tubers to the game, including Houshou Marine and Sakamata Chloe of Hololive, along with Nanashi Mumei and Ouro Kronii of Hololive EN! As part of the collaboration the game is also releasing new special videos for each of the members introducing their collaboration in the game. It was also announced that this event will also be a cheer event just like the first collab event.

The Valkyrie Connect x Hololive 2nd Collaboration event begins on May 17

Valkyrie Connect x Hololive Collab Promos

Valkyrie Connect x Hololive Characters

Check out the new members of hololive joining the game! These five characters will be part of the game’s collaboration and can since the collab was described to be similar to the first one, these characters will be available in the game’s gacha.

As of writing the skillsets and full splash arts of Nanashi Mumei and Sakamata Chloe have yet to be revealed, but will be updated as soon as they’ve been released!

Valkyrie Connect X hololive 2 collab 0 2

■ Houshou Marine

Valkyrie Connect X hololive 2 collab 0 3

■ Ouro Kronii

Valkyrie Connect X hololive 2 collab 0 1

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